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December 31st / January 1st

on January 1, 2012

Well, its that tricky time of NYE where its 1.34AM on January 1st, but it still feels like 31/12. So I figured, what better time to start on my blog than that little grey area between times, dates and years?

I guess the place to start is by welcoming you to this little space inside my over cluttered, over analytical and over sensitive head.
This time and date seemed perfect for this post, as its going to discuss the past year while welcoming the new.

In 2010 – I decided I was going to make 2011 my year. I was going to travel, succeed, become a mum, yadda yadda yadda.

Well, I travelled. I took the steps toward my own business. Yay me, right? Not quite…

I took on a huge corporation, and as such haven’t had proper work in six months. Lucky for me, my partner Daniel is amazing and has helped me through this horrid period of time.
I had to say good bye to a person who I took for granted.
I had to let go of people who I thought would be around for ever.
I had to experience a Christmas like I never have before.

In short, excluding the few weeks I was away and the various family functions, 2011 sucked balls for the most part.

But, in that little grey matter area again, I gained things that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.
I found my Lubber (more to follow on her!)
I rediscovered old friends
I learnt that I don’t need be afraid, because between me and my circle I will survive.
I learnt that just because a company has a million dollars behind it, doesnt mean I should be scared of it.
I learnt more about my siblings than I maybe should have.
I began to understand this crazy thing called life.

I went on a fantastic over seas holiday with my partner and one of my besties.
I got to see and visit people who I haven’t seen in years!
I got to fulfill some big dreams
I got to enjoy that strange emotion of watching someone getting run over by the Karma Train!

And last, but not least, I grew up a little bit.
I decided to stop wishing, and begin acting.

Those close to my heart know that I have two passions – cake decorating and babies…

To decorate enough cakes to bring in decent money is very near impossible now, due to the influx of decorators.
So, I decided perhaps I should finish my nursing, and begin the steps needed to take up the other vocation I’ve always dreamed of, Midwifery.

Being a self confessed “Gunna”, I am aware that I may get bored, or lose motivation. That is why this blog now exists. If I can do this, every day, till NYE 2012, I will enroll in DIV2 nursing.

I hope my ramblings wont bore you, and I look forward to you joining me on this ride.

Happy New Years, wherever you are.

Lots of Love,
K xxx

Happy New Years!


4 responses to “December 31st / January 1st

  1. Nessness says:

    NIce start to the new blog, new year and new you. I look forward to reading them this year.

  2. Briony says:

    I like your blog. But why wait? Do it now.

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