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January 1st – Your Social Network… is it your Social Circle?

on January 1, 2012

If I was to say “Facebook”, what would your first thought be?


The average person has approximately 130 friends on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics). I have about 370,  my mum has 507, and my best friend has just 73.

To me, Facebook is a place to keep up with those friends whom you don’t see very often, or who are over seas; it’s a place where I can play my games, or just chill for a few mind-numbing hours.

But… how many of people on your Social Network are actually in your Social Circle?

For me, this is easy. There is Daniel; my immediate family (Hello, Family!); There are a few friends – and by few I mean approximately 5; there is my Lubber, Tamika, and her husband; and that’s it.

There is not a person on my friends list who I wouldn’t introduce to my Grandparents. However, there is one or two who I keep on there purely out of selfish enjoyment for watching their “poor-me” lives.

Lets do a quick count –   my 5 friends, and Tamika – I have six people who are in my “friend” Social Circle. That doesn’t seem to be many at all when you compare it to the 370 people on my Social Network.

We all see the Chain-Statuses that go around – “I will be there for all my FB friends, repost if you would be, too…” or to some variation.
But really – would they? You don’t see them for coffees, you don’t visit them, they don’t visit you, you don’t call them or communicate in any way other than FB, and you really only know what they choose to air on that wonderful, if  not painful, network, FaceBook.

I went through a little while ago and deleted over 300 people – all who would “be there for me”, but none who ever demonstrated that at my very lowest. I don’t believe that being friends of FB makes you friends in reality. Friends in reality takes time, commitment, communication and effort. FB friends require a “poke” every now and then, maybe a wall post (Insert Generic “Oh, Hai, GF! Ain’t seen yo in fo-evah!)  or a photo tag.

Being in a social circle is a completely different kettle of proverbial fish. My social circle mainly consists of hugs, “get effed”, lots of “lubb” and sometimes a crazy murder concealed purely by awesomeness. Throw into that mix tears, screaming, breakdowns, tantrums, the occasional hour or five of bitching, and the knowledge that if you wake me before 9am with out a Coffee Milk, you’re liable to be shot. To me, this is what my circle is and I would be lost without it.

I have been the victim of “FB friend-syndrome”, as I call it: The place where you’re so comfortable in your FB friendship that you think it extends into real life. I have known others who have actively done this, just to get a giggle for themselves.

I guess, the moral of this rambling blog is to make sure you know the way to the difference. Sort your true friends from the ones who watch you just to see you fall. And, above all else: value those who deserve your friendship, and who show you how important you are to them. Don’t take that little “Friend Request” to mean you have a million friends.

Your friend count means little more than an arena for people to be spectators into your life.

Hugs and Mushy Stuff,
K xxx


2 responses to “January 1st – Your Social Network… is it your Social Circle?

  1. Mum says:

    How incredibly accurate.
    I love you.

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