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January 6: Do you have any skinny jeans in size Fat?

on January 6, 2012

(NB: I’m combining an old blog of mine with todays new one for this edition)

Ugh. That dreaded problem of wanting look fashionable but the sizes only go up to “+ size 16”

Plus Size? 16? Ex-squeeze me?

Being of a larger size, I find it hard to find clothes that are in fashion right now but don’t make me look like the Michelin Man. I am 24… not 54! I don’t want to wear pleated slacks and printed blouses that are not out of place in my grandparents wardrobe!

I tend to live in Maxi Dresses, 3/4 leggings and a long top, or tighter top with a huge skirt. Its comfy, it’s easy, and to shop for those items is as simple as walking into a shop, going to my size and taking the ones I like. But, that doesn’t help with the sense of being Heffalump in a world of Skinny Minnies.

Body Image. Who hasn’t had an issue with their body image, be it real or percieved?

–noun: an intellectual or idealized image of what one’s body is or should be like that is sometimes misconceived in such mental disorders as anorexia nervosa.

I only recently began asking myself  “Do they [The Skinny Minnies] eat? Are they happier? What do they sacrifice to look that good? When was the last time they chowed down on a Maccas burger?”

How many of you reading this have starved yourself? How many of you have vomited after meals? How many of you have worked out to the point of collapse in order to get a body like Cindy Crawford?

Im Raising my hand to all of these questions. Every one of them.
But one thing that really gets on my nerves, and makes me so incredibly incensed is Magazines.
Magazines are meant to be “pro-body”. Or, at least they claim to be. Claim being the operative word. Yet, I devour them.
What about the rest of the girls out there, the ones who are beautiful but made to feel inferior because they have a pot belly? What about girls like me, the “big girl with the pretty face”, the girl who can’t be in your wedding because I wouldn’t look right in the dress?

We live in a society where your worth is measured by your waist. How do you know that me and my other plus size female species don’t have as good an idea as that size 8 that’s sitting in your sales team? You dont.
I am actively jumping back on the band wagon to change my appearance – but that is for next weeks blog. I am doing it because I’m sick of the health issues plaguing me, because I’m sick of being looked at askance, and because when I do have a child, I want people to not have to ask “Is she Pregnant or is she Fat?”
If you want to change yourself for whatever reason, then do it. But don’t do it to fit in to society – do it for yourself. You are beautiful, even if you are over weight. You are gorgeous, even if you have a pot belly. You are magnificent, even if you’re the big girl of your group.
Of all the millions of women on this world… only 8 are super models.


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