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January 7th: Procrastination IS an art form!

on January 7, 2012

Before we start – yes it is 11.40pm, and yes, I have been putting off doing this blog!
You know, you jump on the comp and check your FB like its the paper, then someone puts a link up to a youtube vid, so you watch it; then another; then another… then you get a message from your best friend saying “you only have half an hour to Ramble!” or something to that effect.

So, here we go… Procrastination.
My nan always said a stitch in time saves nine. I guess she was talking about procrastination. You know, what this blog is about.

How was your day today? mine was full of family, swimming in my Dad-mans pool, and pulling down my christmas lights… yeah, I know, im avoiding the topic again!

Why? Because its hard to talk about something that I am SO GOOD at!

I am so good that yes, I have perfected the art of Procrastination. I am always putting things off until the last minute, or until tomorrow, or until Dan gets home, or until I have visitors, or until… you get my drift?

My main things that I procrastinate about are my house work and my laundry. I find both are boring, unless I have the tunes cranked up to full blast and I can bop while I do. There has been stages where things have gotten so bad that my best friend and big sister have come around and said “Dude, get off your lazy butt and do this shiz!” – which translates loosely to “I’msickofyourlinenpressnotshuttingsoiamgoingtocleanitoutandtheresnothingyoucandoaboutit!”

In fact, I was going to do this blog last night, but procrastinated about it for so long that I finally chose another topic that I felt was easier to write about.

I know one of the old adages is “Tomorrow Never Comes.” Which, to me is awesome. That tomorrow, where I clean my house from top to bottom, it’s never going to come, so why stress on it? They say housework will always be in Tomorrow, so why waste my Today? and Yesterday I had so many other things to do…

Procrastination is something that a lot of people aren’t gifted to own – the motivated pooheads! No, I shouldn’t say that. It’s a bit mean. But have you noticed that there are some people in your friend circle who are always motivated? The greedy buggers, they should share the motivation around. You know, sharing is caring!

Oh Yeah. Procrastination. (Have you noticed how good at it I am?)

To avoid my procrastination, I will sometimes write myself a list. I usually ignore it, but hey, I wrote the list! I get bonus points for that, don’t I? Don’t I? Please!

Just like the bonus points I get for knowing I’m procrastinating. I must have a thousand of those buggers saved up. I could probably fly to the US on my saved points, just like they were Frequent Flyer points. Wouldn’t that be cool? I could go every where in the US I wanted too, and have the most amaz… Oh Yeah, Procrastination…

I have decided to combat my procrastination gold medal, I am going to attempt to do 4 x 15 minute cleaning spurts a day, and see how that works. Maybe I will catch up, who knows? But don’t hesitate to come around for a coffee, I’m sure that wouldn’t be considered as me procrastinating, even when I beg you to come around.

It’s just being sociable, right?

Send me your thoughts on procrastination and what you do to combat it!

Ohhhh, another youtube vid. Maybe I’ll write a proper blog later… yeah, tomorrow…





4 responses to “January 7th: Procrastination IS an art form!

  1. lol I will always come around to give you an excuse to sit and socialise 🙂 and i think we all procastinate when it comes to doing things we dont like or find boring, I know i do thats why i come visit you.

  2. Kloi-Jayd says:

    HAHAH bec, too true! why do something when procrastinating can be so much fun!

  3. Mum says:

    Well I’ll be bejiggered, I didnt know procrastination was hereditary!!!!
    Love ya Bubba gump.. xoxoxooxox

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