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January 8th: Finding the Motivation in a dodgy day.

on January 8, 2012

Today has been a day where I have had to search hard to find the meaning of all the kicks.

It started off with waking up feeling ill, which isn’t that uncommon an occurrence anyway.

But my weightloss meeting, while good for Tamika and I as facilitators, was disastrous for me as an individual. I came away feeling like a huge-assed Heffalump.

I came home and slept away my misery until It was time to facilitate the second meeting in Wodonga. I spent the whole time trying to be happy and bubbly but with a head pounding like I had Woody Wood-Pecker in residence it wasn’t easy!

Eating dinner was another disaster – 1/2 a mouthful had me dashing for the loo and I was sick everywhere.

After a call to mum where I just whined, I snuggled in bed with my Berhurt and  my Cat, ready to watch Scrubs.

In enters Tamika, who gets me around there for a coffee.

I was feeling so low about the day as a general that when I smashed my iPhone screen outside her house I honestly didn’t think my day could get any freakin’ worse, and I was almost numb about it. With some help from her hubby Vinny and nifty phone case from Meeka, I (By which I mean Vinny) was able to salvage my phone into usability. THANK YOU VINNY!!!

I spent a good two hours around there, during which we talked and I whinged, and Meeka lifted my spirits up with a good old bitch session, which always seems to help! (Yes, I know, I am a woman; I have DNA which allows the bitchiness!)

Meeka pointed out that my weight at this point is only a number, and it will drop. It feels as though she has made herself my personal motivator, and for that I am grateful; She also said That everything that had happened today did not qualify for it to be an “FML” day, because as I have previously blogged, there are many worse off than me and to follow my own preachings.

Having someone there to listen to me, and understand why I was so devastated really helped. She really was great for picking me up out of my doldrums, and, lets face it, her perfect cuppa really did help!

It’s funny, isn’t it, how just sitting down and having a cuppa with your bestie can help alter your outlook. Do you have friends who do this for you? It is days like today where I appreciate those who have time for that cuppa with me, and who show me what I can achieve when I put my mind to it.

I am working really hard at finding the motivation from todays weigh in, where I weighed in at a humungous 127 KG.
The group Tamika and I have developed is all about motivation – I cannot facilitate a group about motivation when I lack it for myself.

I am going to beat “the battle of the bulge”. I am going to get back to where I should be, and where I want to be.

I am not going to go back into my former shell and just comfort eat anything that smells good. I haven’t even had one of my coffee milks today, Momma!

With my KuppyKake by my side, and my future families life in mind, I will do anything.

Hugs and Mushy Stuff,
K xo


6 responses to “January 8th: Finding the Motivation in a dodgy day.

  1. Mum says:

    Why is there no photo today?
    Was Berhurt’s opportunity..

  2. Kloi-Jayd says:

    coz Berhurt will feature in a later blog 🙂 xoxoxo luvya

  3. Tarabear says:

    You can do it babe, I know you can (:

  4. you are one of my besties Kloi, so I dont need to write what it is we do lol.
    But watching youtube at 1 in the morning is a good way to cheer up friends and have fun.

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