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January 14: Introducing Three Members of My Cheer Squad!

on January 14, 2012

Can you all remember way back, to my first blog when I told you I had 7 brothers and sisters? Tonight, you’re going to be meeting three of them!
These are the Three youngest:

This is Tessa.

This is Leanne.

This is Lilly

Now, these three girls have Faaaaaaaaaabulous in my weightloss journey over the last three weeks.

Tonight was my GodFathers 80th Birthday, at our local Kinross Tavern. This resulted in not a little bit of over eating.

I went there with the best of intentions – Diet Soft drink or water, a small meal and no cake. Pssssssht, Lets just throw that out the window now, shall we?

I ended up going halves in a meal with Leanne, in which we had lasagne. I ate chips and a large portion of Salad with it. So here I gained some calories and I wasn’t too fussed about it.

And then I saw that my favorite alcoholic beverage was on special, and you got a free sticker with it… I couldn’t resist. After checking it out, the drink only had 198 calories in it, so I figured, “Hey, why the heck not? It’s a birthday!”

And then Tessa came over with my favorite chocolate out of all – MALTESERS!!! I was good though, placing them back in her bag to avoid temptation. GO ME!

After a delicious dinner, where I tried to avoid the chips but ended up failing, I was on a down hill slope. I then ate four more mini chocolate bars, another drink (although I only drank 3/4 of it), and then a full soft drink. And then… birthday cake! The rich and moist marble delight was absolutely scrumptious, and though I had eaten a piece, I had to stop myself for going for seconds. I took this opportunity to leave the party, as I had the three girls in tow. One was getting bored and very niggly, and we decided we would go home and have a swim in my parents pool.

During the time of dinner, My godfather and I had a photo taken together with devastated me. What I thought looked lovely and flattering when I left home was sitting on me like a sack, my belly was distended, and I just looked bloated. I nearly lost all resolve then, and was looking at the delicious Mars Bar Cake that was for sale, and was sorely tempted. It was at the point where I had gone over and checked out the price.

I stayed strong, and with some reassuring words from my wonderful and amazing step mother, I made the choice to leave, enticing the girls with a swim which they had all already said they wanted to do.

Enter tonights work out!!! Having calculated yesterday that 20 minutes of breaststroke in my parents pool equated to 202 calories, I went in with the intentions of a 20 minute workout, just to try and balance the scales a little bit.

This is where my cheer squad come in.

The girls all jumped in the pool with me, and 10.05pm we started swimming. Tessa was amazing – “We’ve been going for 5 minutes! We’ve been going for ten minutes!” and so on, really pushing me to complete my goal. I commented that I would love to do 45 minutes worth, and she said “I reckon that’d kill me, but I think you can do it!” However, I did not want to take away the “fun” for the girls. The weightloss journey is MY journey, not theirs. Why should they have to suffer for it?

After we had been swimming for about 20 minutes, I had reached my goal and was ready to begin the play that goes on in the water. This is when Leanne told me to try a new stroke she had invented. “It’s Lots of fun!!!” So all four of us tried the stroke, and were amazed at how fast we went around the pool doing it. I kept it up for another 5 minutes and was starting to feel the strain in my legs and arms. I realised then that If I did another 5 minutes, I would have done a 30 minute work out – The RDW time. Woo!

At thirty minutes, Leanne was ready to play and I asked for just five more minutes. I was feeling good and didnt want to stop!

SO the girls developed their own game while I was playing, and this is where my hard part of the workout began.

Having made a whirlpool like effect with the water of the pool whilst we were swimming, we went back the other way and had to fight the current. I ended swimming in the same spot for about 20 seconds and was really pushing myself!

By this time, I had been swimming 40 minutes, and to say I was knackered is not an understatement!

But I figured, I could do 50 minutes now, as long as I changed it up. The next thing I knew, Leanne was on my back and I was running – yes, running!- through the water, round the full circumference pool, with Leanne on my back and Lilly on Tessas. It became a race, and I was pushing myself so hard through it! Not because I wanted to win, but because the burn in my legs and arms felt so good – it felt like I was going to the most extreme I could at that time.

After the girls – OK, I – had tired of this, we did some slow swimming to make a whirl pool again. Leanne, Tessa and I were all encouraging each other: faster, faster, come on, you can do it, faster!

In the end, after 55 minutes of swimming and about 500 calories burnt, we got out of the pool and my legs and arms had that tired and rubbery feeling that told me I had done a good job.

I feel great now!

The three girls allow me the time to do my boring old swimming in the pool, and then motivate me to do more, just in a fun setting. Tonight would have been a bust without them!

Thank you to my three little cheer squad members: tonight, you kept me motivated and entertained, while helping me to achieve what I am after!

What tips and tricks do you use to motivate yourself to exercise?
Do you have any that You feel would be useful for me to try?


2 responses to “January 14: Introducing Three Members of My Cheer Squad!

  1. Got to love kids and their energy they give us. What a fun way to exercise and l’m sure it would be double the workout being in water… Be proud that you didn’t buy that cake and didn’t give up, your sure to have the odd set back, but it’s how you deal with each set back that counts. You can give up or you can continue the fight… Way to go, proud of you… Fun and exercise is the best way, it doesn’t seem such hard work when your enjoying yourself…

    • Kloi-Jayd says:

      Hi Chelle! I am very thrilled, and my loss today has made all my hard work so worth it!
      Using the kids as tools is not something I had ever thought of, but I will be using them much more. I get to work out and spend time with my little sisters so its a win win lol. Thanks for your support chelle, it really means a lot!

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