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January 15: My Mother is on FaceBook

on January 15, 2012

Oh FaceBook! That wonderful, horrendous, innovative, time-wasting, fabulous, pain-in-that-patootie that more than 800 Million users have subscribed to.

Personally, I love FB. I can catch up with my friends over seas and interstate; keep an eye on two of my little sisters; keep up to date with the happenings in all the peoples lives; and vent whatever feelings I have for the day. I can play games, find bargains, promote my blog & build a business.

I can have my Mum writing “AHEM!” whenever my status is less than clean. I have arguments with my family members. I can have my grandmother defriend me. I can have people offended. I can do all sorts on FaceBook!

Personally, I think my cousin, Joshua, has the right idea, to a certain extent. I am one of the very few family members he has on his FB. This means he doesn’t have to censor his thoughts, feelings, language or pictures.

Because my Mother is on FaceBook, a lot of my status’, posts, pictures and the like are heavily censored, and the asterix button is used beyond belief. Because my Grandmother is on FB, I tend to not put the deeper thoughts up but stick as much as possible to light hearted little comments. Because my baby sisters are on FaceBook, I try to avoid putting things up that may worry them unnecessarily. Can you see where I am going here?

FaceBook is a common reason behind arguments, bust ups, cheating, job loss, and broken hearts.

It is the place where you can hide all you want but that doesn’t mean that no one can see you!

But on the flip side: it is the place where friendships can form and relationships blossom; it helps keep you in touch with friends who are no longer near you; it can provide you with a common platform with a person so that a new business or group may bloom and grow.

FaceBook to me is a place where the written word speaks louder than a stadium full of fans at a Metallica concert. Your whole personality is on view, ready to be judged and harrassed. It is the place where the highest form of insult is a “de-friending” and it cuts to the bone.

It is a place full of people who wont say this because it may offend them, they wont say that because they might argue with them; it’s a place where you have to tread so carefully, and use so delicately, that at some stage it may have become less of a “personal” profile, but more of a “global-so-I-get-to-judge-you” profile.

I have to admit, I am one of the ones who if you put a post up that I have something to say about, I will say it. If you put something up on what is essentially a forum, you need to expect results, and not always ones that are sympathetic to your personal views. I have had full on debates over FB and relished in them. I have learnt a lot from these debates, and one woman in particular, named Sue, has educated me through them.

Sometimes I do resent having to censor my thoughts and words, and have the theory that is MY Facey, no one elses, so why should I censor it at all?

But then I think – do I really want my grandparents seeing me in a light that is full of swearing, the occasional racism, and ranting?
Do I want my little sisters thinking that its ok to drop the F-Bomb in a public place, where everyone from your family to your possible future boss seeing it?

And do I really want that phone call from my Mother saying “AHEM, GERT?!?!”

FaceBook really is a dangerous thing: its full of “moles”, stalkers, information-getters, slag offs, bitch fights, revealed secrets.

I guess the point of this blog is to highlight that everything you do, and write, view or take part in, is available for public consumption. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that just because your security profiles are the highest they can be that your profile is totally private!

How do you use your FaceBook?

What are your favorite things about it?

Drop me a comment and let me know your answers, I am looking forward to them!

Love, Hugs, and Log-Outs,
K xxx


2 responses to “January 15: My Mother is on FaceBook

  1. Fang says:

    You monitor me?

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