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January 17: Expectations.

on January 17, 2012

Tonight’s blog is short due to Connection issues at home. Thank god for iPhones!

Expectations. We all have them.Whether it be that you will be having 3 Weetbix with two teaspoons and half a cup of milk or you will be skipping breakfast, it is still an expectation.

For me, expectations are the foundations of my life. When I get something that is unexpected, I do tend to get kerflummoxed for a bit, until I get my head around it.

Something that I do have high expectations of is my friends. Some expectations I have include:

Back Up
These expectations I also have of myself in friendships.

I also have expectations of work, home, family, and personal things.

I expect to be treated with respect, no matter where I am. I expect myself to show respect, also.

I have an expectation of achieving my dreams of having my own family; I have an expectation of having a job that I truly enjoy; I have an expectation of being a wife.

But what do you do when someone or something falls short of your expectations? And falls short in a way that that is nothing more than gut wrenching. Do you simply give up? or do you stay, and fight, and soldier on?

A big expectation that fell incredibly short was my VCE scores. I scored a miserable 42.15 out of 99.9. It was like I was, quite literally, watching my dreams and hopes and aspirations being thrown out a window. A lot of my peers were heading off to Uni, and I was stuck in my po-dunk little town, destined to forever work a menial job and amount to nothing.

I still am a bit upset over that fact, but have moved on. I am, however, stuck at this stage in a menial job which I hate quite passionately, but I have an expectation to be happily employedvery soon.

Expectations are things that every person has, holds, lives by, aspires to. Expectations can be called goals. They can be hopes. The can be dreams.

They are things that are ingrained in you, make you, shape you and in short, are you.

Every body has expectations, even if it’s only to not get a phone call after 9PM at night.

I would love to hear about the expectations you have for your life and dreams.

Big Love xo


4 responses to “January 17: Expectations.

  1. Mum says:

    I expect my children to listen when I speak and act on what I ask of them, sometimes these expectations are not met, but I love them anyway!

  2. Kloi-Jayd says:

    Yes, and your children never expect to be sitting somewhere thinking “Well, gee whiz, my momma was right!”

    love you momma! x

  3. vinny says:

    I expect lots of things but what i expect most is to be loved, trusted, and never lied to by my friends and family. However i have of late come to learn that this is not as important to some people. Starting to think the only time this will in fact happen is when i dont expect it to. Does this mean that i should expect to be let down or should i simply understand that not everyone has the same expectations as i do. Instead they simply choose to only do this when it suites them.

    • Kloi-Jayd says:

      Vinny, in all honesty, I just think you should keep expecting your friends to stand by you like you would them… if you dont, you will turn into an asshole yourself and we don’t want that! Sometimes there are hillbillys out there who are in it for themselves – be it for a boyfriend, a house, a dog, whatever… chin up buttercup! x

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