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January 24: Having the Conviction to Stand By Your Beliefs.

on January 24, 2012

Since my Post last week regarding Australia and it’s immigrants I have quite a few responses – but tonight was the first one that actually made me angry.

I am an openly outspoken person. I make no secret of my opinions, beliefs and convictions, and will proudly voice them in whatever media I should happen to choose. In this instance, I chose my personal blog. I welcomed thoughts, opinions and theories – of differing and similar opinions.

I am a normal human being. I make mistakes with my typing. I am a Spelling Nazi. But to read a whole blog and the lengthy response to it but feel the most important thing to attack is my “typos” while basically calling my mother and I racist buttheads is a wee bit gutless, not to mention childish.

If you have a conviction and are proud enough of it to voice it on the internet, at least use your real name! To be proud of what you think and feel means you will happily put your name to it, and you will fight for that thought till the very end – with your freaking name attached!

I don’t care if “Migrants speak better than you” is someone who I know personally, I will still happily discuss our opinions, and respect differing ones, in a setting which doesn’t allow for back tracking.

I sign every single one of my blogs with my name. If you feel strong enough about a topic, search me on FaceBook, I am the only one on there with my name! I am not afraid to stand by what I believe, and I am not afraid to write about something on my personal blog. Yes, I do publicise Ramblings but that doesn’t change the fact that they are MY ramblings, and MY opinion.

By all means, give me yours back! I welcome debate, I welcome differing thoughts and feelings! The only way to educate myself and learn new things is by listening to other peoples thoughts and ideas. I have had countless debates over topics such as migration and I generally come away with having learned something new, or looking at a facet of the debate in a different light.

Yes, I am a proud Australian. Yes, I will fight for my rights, and my kids rights, to think and feel and celebrate in anyway they goddamn choose! And I will continue to fight for these rights till my dying breath.

My parents instilled in me the courage to stand by what I believe in, what I think and how I feel. If someone thinks my thoughts are wrong, then don’t hide behind a keyboard with a fake name; have the guts to stand on top of your soap box and scream it!

As a person living in Australia, you have the right to stand up and voice your opinions. That is all I am doing! We are a country of free speech, where you can use a forum such as wordpress in order to have your thoughts heard. If I was not prepared to calmly and rationally discuss with you my blog, I believe I would have made it so comments and emails were unavailable. I would have made it so that no body could read this blog!

Comment on my posts all you please – I generally reply to every one of them unflinchingly.

But do not take the gutless way out and place a fake name and/or email address. Have the balls to stand by what you believe in.

Because let me tell you, I do.


3 responses to “January 24: Having the Conviction to Stand By Your Beliefs.

  1. Mum says:

    Enough of the moody dark ramblings, sometimes when we live in the dark too long our eyes become adjusted to it and we find it hard to need the light..
    Love you, smile!

  2. Trevor says:

    Yet another set of defensive evidence pointing to personal discontent. I wish you peace and hope you find a better outlet than this blog. Namaste.

    • Kloi-Jayd says:

      Thanks for your feedback Trevor! I wouldn’t say it was pointing to personal discontent, but I will re-read the piece and try to establish where you’re coming from. Have a Good day!

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