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January 28: Being an 80′s baby (But A 90′s Kid!) – PART TWO

on January 29, 2012

If you missed out on Yesterdays totally radical blog, you can read it here

Somewhere in between the awesome clothes and the gnarly clothes, the fashion changed to such a degree that it left the 80’s behind in a bang of the fluoro colours that decorated everyone.

Hammer pants were the bomb, and if you didn’t have a pair of Nike Air Pumps you just weren’t worth noticing.

Hypercolor was fun for everyone… for the person who was wearing it to the person who left the hand print behind!

Track suit pants had the elasticated Ankle Cuff, and if they weren’t in the crinkly-plasticy material they weren’t funky.

Grunge was in, Glam was out.

Suspenders were a staple of everyone’s wardrobe, along with a vest, preferably with a paisley pattern on the front!

Long, ratty hair was made famous by Nirvana.  But in 1996 along came a flash of colour and fashion changes that accompanied the likes of The Spice Girls, Allesha Rome, 5ive, BackStreetBoys. Inflatable Vests, Backpacks, and accessories were fantastic, especially if you wore them with platform shoes, bright read hear, silver lippie and bright blue eye shadow!

We had lollies that were pure sugar, and tasted fabulous!

TV dinners were a happy occurrence, not a part of an every day lifestyle.

Ring Pops bought for your friends signified true friendship… and an awesome pocket money amount!

The elastic necklaces covered in candy circles accessorized all school yard girls – and if a boy bought you one with a heart it meant you had to marry him!

When Mum bought you Barbie Tinned Spaghetti or Dino-Sghetti it was as if all your Christmases had come at once!

Every single bubble gum piece tasted horrible. BUT YOU GOT A FREE TATTOO!!!

Push-Pop’s were responsible for blue tongues, sticky fingers and broken teeth.

Frozen Orange Juice in the canteen at lunch time cost a massive 20c but only the big kids could afford that!

And the Video Games!

It doesn’t matter that I am now reaching 25 years of age, I will still attest to the absolute fact that nothing will beat the Nintendo… but the Super Nintendo!

The original Simba game on a PC was the status symbol of the 90’s.

Game Boys were Black and White and didn’t have any 3D fancy shiz.

If you were playing a hand held game you climbed up THROUGH the screen rolls, and anything in 3D wasn’t worth playing.

And when Super Mario Brothers came out with Yoshi (OMG YOSHI!!!!!!) and you could go backwards in the level it was mind blowing!

Donkey Kong, Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach led to epic battles over who was the superior Kart Driver… and who could beat the ghost.

Ms Pacman had a bow which made all the difference in the world.

If you were really really lucky, your parents may have rented out a VHS for the week, but they had to pay extra if you forgot to rewind it.

Back then, It was completely normal to have to run a head cleaner through the VCR every week… and the lines running up and down your TV screen were ignored.

Oh, the flash backs… the wandering down lanes you had long forgotten… remembering the things my siblings, family and friends got up to always bring a smile to face.

They remind me that band-aids could fix the world, and mum knew everything, and dad knew even more!

I miss those days! But thinking back over them has really been fun for the last two nights.

I hope you enjoyed the trip down the past path as much as I did.

What were your favorite things about the 90s?
What do you remember doing with your family, friends or children?


2 responses to “January 28: Being an 80′s baby (But A 90′s Kid!) – PART TWO

  1. Mum says:

    5th image in looks just like current fashion… Told ya it goes full circle.. Love ya…

    PS, see if you can spot the “MASSIVE typo/spelling mistake….


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