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February 3: I need your help!

on February 3, 2012

Hello again!
Did you enjoy yesterday’s GigglePotThursday? Don’t forget that you can send me in your funnies at ringlesswife@hotmail.com

I have been taking note of my Blog views (as I do every day) and in the last week I have noticed a significant drop in numbers of readers. I need your advice, and your opinion. Is what I am writing about boring? Or irrelevant to every day life? I need your feedback here so I know what to write about and whom to direct it to.

My blog was, aside from being a personal challenge to myself, intended to be something that people looked forward to reading, but didn’t have to take a long time out of their busy schedules to read. I actively try to keep my blogs to around 500 words (effectively, a 5 minute read) and although sometimes I do ramble on, I believe that this fact is important to maintain my readers. What do you think of this? Should they be kept minimalistic, or do you think I need to expand on them more?

Are my blogs too dark to enjoy? I have been told that my writings can become quite dark and twisted. I am working against this as we speak, and while I do, at times, succumb to the darker side of my nature I do try and avoid it. Is this one of the reasons my readers have dropped? What is your opinion?

I am not a naturally “funny” person, but I do try to place some humour within my posts to keep you entertained. Is this not working, do I need more, or should I just forgo any attempt of humour? I know that my own personal view of “funny” does not correlate with many others, so I do tend to avoid it a little bit.

I try to keep my posts relevant to todays world, with posts such as patriotism, autism, my GigglePotThursdays, Flashbacks to the 80’s and 90’s; I speak of regrets and family and things I hope to achieve. Are these not as relevant as I think? How do you think I can better “sell” this blog, and keep you, my important readers, intrigued enough to want to come back?

What topics do YOU want to read about? I have ones coming up on “Old Wives Tales” , as well as “Austalians and their Dreams.” but if this is not what is going to keep you coming back, what will?

I have been told that my Blog is very one-sided. Would it intrigue you more if I was to explore both sides of a topic? I have to admit I would love to give it a try, If I was to be able to make it interesting for you to read. It would definitely we a learning experience for me as a writer.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me your feedback. I really do value your input and your ideas on what ways I could improve the Blog.

Lots of Love,
K xxx


3 responses to “February 3: I need your help!

  1. Angbrennil says:

    Love your blog… don’t read them all but if the title is catchy I do no matter the length. I admire your determination as I am a very lazy blogger and usually only blog if something bugs me or inspires me. I need to try to do it more but my spare minutes are getting shorter and shorter.

    So PLEASE don’t stop being you. I don’t agree with everything you say but that is why it is called an opinion 🙂

  2. Michelle Rogers says:

    Love your blog and your topics… Don’t change it for others because then your writing what people might want to read but it isn’t from your heart. It’s your blog and your opinion so don’t change it… I don’t always find the time to read everyday as life’s just busy and this week has been one of those weeks for me… I also agree that the title is what will make me click to read too…

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