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February 4: Positive Thinking

on February 4, 2012

I was talking to my friend Vanessa and asked her for ideas on my blog, I wanted a new one that I had experience with. She suggested Positive Thinking. Well, as I am a firm believer in it, I thought Why Not?

Positive thinking is something I think of and preach any chance I get. I think that the power of positive thinking is an important component of surviving. The more negative your thoughts are, the more negative you are.

Positive Thinking takes practice, it really and honestly does. It’s not something easily attainable. It isn’t an over night thing, it’s a total life style thing!

It is really the age old question of “Is your cup half empty or half full?” Now, this is where smart-alecs like me answer with “depends who has drunk it.” But to me, it is half-full. I still have some left over, so it’s a good thing!

My grandmother often told me that Postive Thinking can change the world. I practice what I preach, whole heartedly. Although, I’m not so conceited as to make you assume that I never have negative thoughts. I do! It’s just a matter of training myself again on that particular thought.

How many of you reading this have heard of the “secret”? I have read the book. And all it is is Positive thinking. The more you positively think, the more you can achieve. Some people think it’s poppycock, and while I don’t agree with the whole book there are parts which ring true for me. Particulary believing in something so hard that It is almost tangible, and you know that it is going to happen at some stage; maybe not right now, or in the near future, but one day you will have your dream in your hand.

Positive Thinking is an acquired skill – and not one that can be learnt over night. It takes time, patience, self belief as well as belief that things will work out. I place a lot of faith in the Universe and know that my positive thoughts are being heard somewhere.

I am constantly telling people “Positive thinking! IF YOU THINK NEGATIVE, YOU’RE ALLOWING IT TO HAPPEN!” I firmly believe that if you are a negative nelly, then that is also that will be returned to you. The more positive thoughts you put out, the more that find their way back.

The more you allow yourself to think positively, the more you wont have to think it – because it will be second nature.

What are your thoughts and experiences on positive thinking?


3 responses to “February 4: Positive Thinking

  1. Mum says:

    Your blogs have been so bloody negative and then you preach ‘POSITIVE”….
    Vanessa was being nice, I told you straight in a message, people have enough drama in their own lives, we all need a happy escape, even for 5 minutes. I love you and I know you better than you think.
    Positive thoughts is my thing and I would love for you to learn it intrinsically instead of just verbalising.

  2. Kloi-Jayd says:

    “Although, I’m not so conceited as to make you assume that I never have negative thoughts. I do! It’s just a matter of training myself again on that particular thought.”

  3. fighterfemme says:

    I have always seen the glass as full even if there is no liquid in it , this is because there is always air where the liquid isn’t so the glass is always full never empty. 🙂

    Also yes i have my negative thoughts and days but on a whole i have a positive outlook namely because there are always people out there that are worse of than me.

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