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February 5th: Kooking in the Kitchen!

on February 5, 2012

Hello again Blogosphere!

As you know, I have my own very small from home business called Kloi’s Kakery.

In the last week, after a long 7 week hiatus, I finally got back in there are started kreating in the kitchen again and have made some delightfully new products!

It felt so good to be getting back in the swing of things and getting my hands dirty again, trying to flavours, and icings, and even a whole new concept. I was able to kreate a KuppyKake Kocktail after some inspiration from Meeka, and made a Jaffa one that went down like a house on fire for every one who tasted it. Even my brother, who doesn’t eat kake, loved it.

There is something therapeutic about the rhytmic “thump, thump, thump” as my mixer goes and im beating away at butter to make it soft enough to use. I can get out all my frustrations while making something tasty and lovely to look at while I do it! However, I am certain that my butter probably hates me for it!

When I am in the kitchen making my kakes or playing with testers, I can feel my standard stresses recede into the back ground – but as every kake makers knows, it comes with it’s own annoyances that you have to work for. But the stress with making my kakes is nothing like my every-day issues. It is completely different in that I know that these particular stresses are all part of something productive and fun, not to mention building my business up into something that I can be proud of.

The annoyance when my icing doesn’t go through the piping bag like I want it to, or when the kakes don’t rise evenly is all something that I know will be fixed with time and practice. And the absolute exhilaration I feel when I finally master a technique that will enhance my kakes is un-describable. Every new instrument I get, be it a rolling pin or a piping tip makes me so thrilled – because every little thing will eventually grow into an amazing tool for a masterpiece.

Even when I make up a batch of icing just to try different flavours, I get excited for what may come from this one experiment: a new flavour, a new kreation, maybe even a new klient? The un-knowingness of the experiment is what I love more than anything. I like seeing what I can kreate and how it can influence me and my klients into finding something that suits their personal needs.

Even when I am in my kitchen swearing my head off at white chocolate because it wont do what i told it . It frustrates me to the end of the world but I will persevere until I get the chocolate doing exactly what I want it to… even if it doesn’t!

Kooking is my ultimate stress-release, and I love it.

What do you do to release your stress?
Do you have something that you know you can do to raise your mood?

P.S: I am aware that there are some “K’s” Where there should be “C’s” – it’s my thang 🙂


One response to “February 5th: Kooking in the Kitchen!

  1. Michelle says:

    Love the dinosaur Kake (see its catching). There must be something in our family, as I always make the kids cake creations for their birthdays, which has gone from Pirate Ships to Castles to Swimming Pools.

    I really don’t have a stress release except for maybe Facebook.

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