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February 8: Thank you Parking Gods!

on February 8, 2012

I think I shocked my SideKick, Mel, today. We were down the main street and it was 4pm – that stupid, crazy time to be anywhere near the CBD.
I parked my car then damn near shouted: “THANKYOU PARKING GODS!”
Where was I parked? Right out the front of the two shops that I needed!

We all know the profound and very real gratitude you feel when the streets are packed, the carparks over flowing and people are everywhere but you manage to find an A1 parking spot. One of my friends has commented: “Finding a perfect parking spot is as good as my Nan’s lamb roast!” and  I have to say, I do agree with her!

I hate it when I see people who are neither with children or handicapped, but use those spaces. For one, it’s not fair on those who do need it, and two, you can’t be grateful for parking close to a door if you have to be dishonest to do it.

I used to work in a plaza where to get a good parking spot you had to beat the people who couldn’t drive in. The gratitude I felt when I was able to zip into a spot that was convenient was so exciting – and always accompanied by “Thank you El Parking Gods of Biralee!” There is an exhilaration that comes with a good parking spot that not a lot else beats.

I am one of these people who do leave signs to the tune of “Next time, please leave me a can opener so I can get my car out of the way of your ridiculous Park-Job.”
I cannot stand when people park over two lines to take up two positions! And if you cannot get your car into a spot so that it is not a hinderance to other drivers, then either hand in your license to Kelloggs or pick another park goshdarnit!

It’s like when you see a huge SUV crammed into a micro-carpark spot. While one half of you is thinking “Moron, at 12 o’clock” the other half marvels at the sheer desperation of this driver, and then admires the matching paint on the car next to it.

The Parking Gods earn a lot of respect from me in December. Ugh, Christmas Time Parking! We all dread it. And it isn’t that uncommon to see someone else donating the paint from their car to yours! I usually chant “Good Parking Spot, PLEASE!” from the time I leave my house till I get to where I am headed… then cue the happy dance when I do find one (And yes, I do the happy-fist-pump dance in my car!).

It’s funny how one little thing – like not getting a decent car park – can screw up your whole shopping experience. That is why I always am over the moon when I find the perfect car park for me. It set’s up your whole shopping agenda because hey, YOU GOT A GOOD CAR PARK! And if it is in December, no doubt most of you will tell your friends about it… I know I do!

Ahh Parking Gods. I forever grateful to the work you do to enable me to park easily, comfortably, and most importantly, between both lines!

Have a good night, everyone!

K xxx



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