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February 11: Why Pyjamas are the best in bed ;P

on February 11, 2012

Tonight after a swim with some siblings that left me freaking freezing nicely refreshed, I traipsed through my door shivering feeling vitalised, and ready to tackle my housework.

However, I went to my bedroom and there on my floordrobe was my favorite thing in the whole wide world – my trusty ‘Jama pants!

After I wriggled into them I was instantly warm, comfy, and ready to take on the world – and apparently so was Mel who was already in her PJ’s too.

It got me to thinking – just how awesome are  Pyjama’s?

I like my PJ’s big and flowy – I generally buy them two sizes too big so there is extra comfort room. However, while I buy Flannel PJ sets, I never wear the tops, only the bottoms. I have to be honest at this point and say Buffy instigated this habit in me many years ago!

I also have to say, I don’t think there is anything better than slipping into a pair of your old trusties – even sex.

So  I came up with a list of why PJ’s are better than anything.

  1. Pyjamas never hog the bed
  2. or the Doona.
  3. Pyjamas never steal the best bits of your meal
  4. They don’t contribute to the dishes
  5. They don’t care if you don’t talk to them for six months of the year
  6. They don’t expect anything at all
  7. Pyjamas don’t care if you’re smelly after a work out
  8. Pyjamas will watch a soppy rom-com with you
  9. and they don’t laugh if you cry in it
  10. Pyjamas don’t tell you if the dinner you have cooked is crap – even if you share it with them
  11. They don’t care if you have a mad Sing-Star session
  12. and they will dance with you as totally sing the song better than Cyndi Lauper
  13. Pyjamas don’t bitch if you eat the last bit of chocolate
  14. Pyjamas also don’t bitch if you eat the last bag of chips
  15. PJ’s understand that for a week every month or thereabouts they are to do nothing but comfort us, and anything they do can be construed as an argument so it is best to just shut the hell up.
  16. Your PJ’s don’t care if you have a headache. They will still cuddle you anyway!
  17. Pyjamas also don’t leave a mess you have to clean up.
  18. I can wear my Pyjamas in front of everybody
  19. Pyjamas Don’t talk back
  20. and finally, your PJ’s always leave you satisfied without you having to do any work.

I lurrrrrve my PJ pants. They always do exactly as I want them to, they don’t demand anything other than my butt in them, they don’t expect me to give anything in return, and their greatest ambition in their flaneletty lives is to ensure my comfort!I am incredibly jealous of B1 and B2, by the way. Lucky Bastards.

Dear Men: Why Aren’t You Pyjama Pants? Sincerely, Women Everywhere. xoxox

Do you have a pair of favorite PJ’s?




One response to “February 11: Why Pyjamas are the best in bed ;P

  1. Mum says:

    even Cat likes them!

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