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Febraury 13: The iPhone Apps I Can’t Live Without

on February 13, 2012

Yes, I am an iPhone junkie and I am lost when it is away from me.
Being almost ADD-like in my hatred of boredom, I am always doing something fiddly.

These are a list of my favorite Apps, their prices and their creators (if I can find them)

#1 – Where’s My Water? Made by Disney. $0.99 for full game, free for the trial mode

This game is the ultimate in time wasting – or a valid use of time, as per your enjoyment of the game.
I got this game after my baby sister got me to try her trial.
The game consists of 7 worlds with 20 levels in each (in the full version)
The object is to get the water to the crocodile (who I named Crocodilly) while floating three rubber ducks and avoiding obstacles.
I give this app a 5 * rating. Good for kids, adults, and everyone in between.

#2 – Hatchi. Made by Hatchi-Inc. $0.99

This is the perfect app for the old-school kids who loved the original Tamagotchi.
It is made along the same principles as the old Tamagotchi: You feed, you Bathe, you teach, you put to sleep!
However this app has little challenges you need to complete which helps keep the interest up.
3.5 * Rating – but only because it is still in updates stage as they make it better!

#3 – Bookshelf. Made by iTunes, Bookshelf is free, as are some books. However, you can pay for the more recent books and sets. Books range from free – $0.99  and up.

Being an AVID reader, I love this app and it keeps me entertained for hours at a time.
You can DL short stories, novels, books sets or individuals, and at a fraction of the price in a bookstore.
I bought a set of 12 books for $1.99 = BARGAIN!
Rating it 4* out 5 – purely because I don’t have to read with a light on!

#4 – Facebook. Made by FB, and is free on iTunes.

Facebook. There really is nothing else to say.

#5 – Instagram. Made by Instagram, free on iTunes but a full version can be purchased for $2.99 (however it is not needed, I have been using the trial version since Sept and it’s just as good)

Instagram is a photoblog which allows you to post your photos to the WWW, as well as FB and Twitter.
It comes with a series of filters to enhance your photos to a vintage (or other) perspective.
You can tag things in the photos (just like a #tag does on Twitter)
It is easy to use once you know how, and it does take a little practice to get it perfect.
4* for this little puppy, I love the app and can do so much with it!

#6 – HeyTell. Made by Voxilate, Free from iTunes

I love this app! 5* from the start!
This wireless walkie talkie allows you to talk to other uses both on iPhone and Android anywhere in the world.
I talk to my friend LySa in Texas completely free!
You simply record your message and it sends it to the desired person instantly – an international walkie talkie!
It does have a few bugs, but the handiness tends to out weigh them. New updates and an ability to favorite certain people make this an app worth having!

#7 – WordPress. Made by WordPress, Free from iTunes

This blog is hosted by WordPress and it is my favorite platform to use.
The app allows me to track views, read comments and post blogs.
Although it is mildly more difficult to use and can be frustrating to use, it is handy for when my internet is down.
4* for me 🙂

#8 – FML, created by FmyLife, free on iTunes.

This app is my “no matter how bad my day is, someone elses is worse!” fix.
I love it! Always good for a giggle, this site is a great mood-lifter. However, it does have occasional profanity.
It’s an easy to use, simple app that you can spend hours on.
4* mark for this App!
Finally, #9 – Temple Run, developer unknown, free on the iTunes store

TempleRun is a good boredom buster, although I find that after a few minutes I tend to get bored with it.
However, I do know people who can play this game for hours.
With a simple objective of running as far as you can while collecting points – and avoiding zombiac apes – this easy to use game has objectives to reach along with new people to unlock.
3* from me.

What are your favorite apps to use?


3 responses to “Febraury 13: The iPhone Apps I Can’t Live Without

  1. fighterfemme says:

    WSoP poker and slot games because i don’t lose real money 🙂

  2. Mum says:

    Words With Friends!!

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