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February 14: Valentines Day or Hallmark Day?

on February 14, 2012

Oh, that day where you are obligated to buy things your partner doesn’t need, that you don’t want, and that won’t be remembered in a months time.

Valium Day (as I call it) isn’t a big deal with Daniel and I. We see no reason to profess our love for each other when we already know it is there. We don’t need bears with sickly messages sewn into their distended bellied to prove this fact.

However, I know a lot of couples who put a lot of store by Valentines Day, and their relationships worth is measured by the gifts they are given. If this is the case, then my relationship is a hurried kiss as one of us walks out the door saying “see you after work!”

While I will admit that sometimes I wish we could do the whole romantic thing, I have to say we don’t really need it. We don’t need to spend X amount of dollars to say “I love you” when we know the words mean just as much. We don’t have to celebrate a day when a Saint was killed just to justify our relationships existence. However, this is not to say that I don’t understand why some couples choose to do so.

How many people believe that Valentines Day is just a day for Hallmark to boost their monthly profits? And how many of you out there celebrate it as a genuine day of love and affection?

There are a growing number of people now who choose to celebrate this day by a token gesture such as a breakfast in bed, rather than the aforementioned teddy who must have gone through hell with that stitching! I know I would appreciate a Breakfast in bed more than a teddy that may just be thrown out it a couple of months time.

Valentines Day starts getting flaunted about NYD. I am undecided as to whether this is a marketing ploy or whether it is just giving people ample time to prepare. I know on the one year Daniel and I did celebrate it, I was so annoyed with all the bombardment of “How Much Do You Love Them” that I ended up making his card.

But a friend of mine, who places a large amount of store in Valentines Day always gets the glitziest, glitteriest card for her significant other because “It shows how much she loves him.” Does it really? Does that mean that the other 364 days of the year you don’t love your significant other?

I know that Daniels and I’s relationship doesn’t come in a glitter-infested pink envelope with umpteen amounts of love hearts. Does that mean our love is insignificant?

What are your thoughts on Valentines day?
Do you celebrate it?


One response to “February 14: Valentines Day or Hallmark Day?

  1. Mum says:

    Entirely up to the individual, I just hate when a relationship is going sour but they still celebrate Valiumtimes.. (Thats what I call it) At least be honest with yourself if you cant even be honest with the person you are professing to love.. Bah Humbug!

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