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February 15: Why my readers are important to me

on February 15, 2012

As any good blogger knows, your blog is only as good as the people reading it like it.
Every single person who reads my blog and their opinion is very valid to me.

I try to write in a way that is accessible to everyone without people needing a translation.
I am constantly seeking feedback, and while I don’t respond to every comment made, they are all read and taken on board.

I try to get you involved with the blog, such as on GigglePot Thursdays (have you sent an email in?).

You guys are all very vital to my success. I can’t emphasize enough what you all mean to me. You are half the reason that I do a blog every night: because I don’t want to let my readers down. It’s also why I’m doing seven blogs tonight since I am heading off on a holiday 🙂

That’s the reason I am pushing for 150 likes on the FB page – because then one lucky reader is going to be receiving a prize from my link up with My Amber Baby. Do you have any suggestions on what sort of  competition we should do?

Every time one of you comments or emails I take it on board. Feel privileged people, I actually listen to all of you!

Your topic suggestions feed my thoughts and give me ideas. While it may take some months for you to see your idea, you can rest assured it will pop up, either in whole or part, at some stage.

Topics we have coming up include old wives tales, Australian dreams, happiness in kids and man flu – some of these are reader suggestions.

I would LOVE to see some reader suggestions on what to write. I am even thinking of doing a guest blog, where whoever sends me in the best blog will get it published on the page.

My readers tell me when I am going down the right track, or the wrong one. They let me know what to do differently, or what to do exactly the same.

They share their opinions, thus forcing me to maybe look outside my own mind for a little bit.

All of these little things mean that the Ringless Wife has a little piece of everyone of you in it.  Yes, I’m being totally honest – a little piece of you is in this very piece!

Thank you to every one who reads, comments and shares the page. Every new liker inspires me more, and it makes me strive to better each post.


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