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February 16: GigglePot Thursday – Stupidity and its following Hilariousness!

on February 16, 2012

Welcome to a new edition of GigglePot Thursday. I have going to try and do this in a different way to previous ones in the hope that I kick start some of your funnybones!

We have all seen blogs around the net that focus on the pure idiocy of some of todays human species.
For some giggle times, have a look a these fab sites:


Poorly Dressed

Ugliest Tattoos


But I thought today I would save you some time and do some of the scouting for you!

You have to wonder about what goes through some peoples heads and how they do the things that they invariably do. I have moments where I am literally staring at the computer screen going “WTF homie?”

Take this one for example:

Uh… how does this even happen?

The following one dumbfounded me… how long was this woman NOT watching her child for?

This is one of those “WTF” moments I was talking about.

This one is pretty genius in its stupidity… yes, an oxymoron…

Flintstones, anyone?

And the Final Piece of Stupid in today’s GigglePot…

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