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February 17: Weird Habits Around The House

on February 17, 2012

Do you have any odd or unusual habits that you do around the house? I have several that scream “Peculiar!” at me!

When I am washing my dishes (which doesn’t happen very often thanks to our DishWasher, Betty) I do it in three separate stages. Every Time.

First, I wash the dinner plates, Then the plates that are more rounded. Next I wash the bowls, ceramic first and plastic after. At this juncture, I empty the sink and refill.
Second, I wash my glasses, followed by my mugs; after this comes the saucepans. Then I empty the sink, and refill, again. (Yes, I have a small sink!)
Third, I wash the cutlery and then the utensils, and any kake stuff which is there, which is  then followed by any oily pots/pans.

My psychologist tried to tell me this is because I like to make everything clean and tidy. I think I offended him a little when I nearly piddled my pants laughing. I am not a tidy person by the stretch of any imagination!

I don’t know why I have to do my dishes in this set pattern, I just do. I believe it’s because I like things washed in clean water!

When I am tidying the lounge room, I always have to start at the far end and work my way down. If I start anywhere else I feel out-of-whack and give up, preferring it to be messy than me spun out. I move along the lounge moving things and cleaning things in a direct line going across the room; I will not break from this or I lose my spot and again, just give up. This is where I can spot things I have missed or done wrong. I have to have cushions on every seat, usually two (one in each corner) and there are four on the couch.

When I clean our bedroom I pick up the clothes first and generally dump them in the laundry. From there, everything left on the floor goes on my bed and I sort it from there. I tried to do it another way (put things away straight off the floor) and it just didn’t work for me. By putting the stuff on my bed I HAVE to do it if I want to go to sleep, whereas straight off the floor meant “I can do it tomorrow”… and tomorrow never comes for me, as you can see from my Procrastination Blog.

When I clean the bathroom, I start from the floor and work up, and then from the north wall to the south wall. Again, doing it another way just feels dodgy to me, and like I’m wasting my time! This way I know exactly where I am at any given time whilst I clean and I have no issues trying to remember “Have I creme’d the sink or just sprayed it?” because it all gets done methodically. Well, except the vanity cupboard and mirror. I tend to ignore those.

Do you have any weird and wonderful habits? I would love to hear them!


2 responses to “February 17: Weird Habits Around The House

  1. I picked this up off my dad – I HAVE to have matching coloured pegs on the one piece of clothing/whatever I’m hanging. And it used to have to have a pattern ie blue, red, white, blue, red, white. But I’ve managed to calm my obsessiveness about this down and I’m ok as long as each thing has the same coloured pegs on it haha :/

  2. Michelle says:

    OMG Kloi this is somewhat genetic I do fear, I do exactly the same thing. Except when I do the bathroom I work it from top to bottom, rather than the floor first.

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