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February 20: GRRRRRR!!!!!

on February 20, 2012

***Mild Coarse Language***

Do you ever have days where everything seems to go wrong and the universe friggin hates you?

Today was definitely my day for it!

As those that are on my FB will know, we have had nothing but drama after drama with Virgin Australia. Complete with cancelled flights and missing luggage – which had ALL my clothes that don’t make me look like a heffalump are my favorites. Of course, they found our luggage – after we bought new clothes.

Anyway, we were heading down the highway to Brisbane today for the beginning of our trek back home. Cue traffic congestion, near accidents, high frustration levels and plenty of middle fingers aimed at every man and his Kelloggs Licence and his dog.

After an hour of mostly bumper-to-bumper-sniff-my-butt-crack traffic we made it to the depot to drop of our hire car – but not before filling up the tank at a whopping 157c a litre! DAFUDGE???

We finally arrived at BAX an two hours before our scheduled flight time, as stipulated by Whore Virgin Australia. Luggage checked – yep. Tickets – yep. Security check – after three freaking tries – yep.

Dan and I find a seat and ingest something vaguely resembling a breakfast, and then camp out in our designated lounge, and wait. And wait. And wait. And then we boarded our plane. No, we didn’t. I lied. We waited some more.

Then, when I am outside, I get a call from Dan saying I had to come back. After a bomb check I finally get upstairs to be told, “They’ve f*cking done it again – our flights been moved, and we will be missing the connector!”

OMFG… he had to be kidding me or something. Turns out, it was “or something.”

So I charge up and demand answers go and find a person wearing the bright red suit and ask to be told what is going on. I explain that we both have to work tonight, that this will be the THIRD flight in a week after spending an insane amount of money, and that I am really quite pissed off annoyed with this development. The woman blinks at me for a moment, and then explains that she doesn’t understand our issue. By this time, the frustration level has peaked to “crazy-lady-with-tears-ruining-my-mascara” and I walk away. Because my inner Chuck Norris slash Darlene was raring to go and trying to hold my crazy in wasn’t helping at all, I turn the issue over to Dan.

After being told to come back in 30 minutes – which would be 45 minutes after scheduled departure – we are told to head to gate 46, some where around the other side of the airport. As we are trekking along Dan is on the phone to the company only to be told “It’s not my problem, I don’t care,” and I am calling everyone who needs to know. We finally got an answer at the new terminal – “Yes, your flight has been delayed by three hours. You will probably miss the flight to Albury. There’s nothing I can do. I don’t think you will be staying in a hotel, you will probably incur those costs.”


So after some debate in which Daniel prevented me talking (probably wise as I may have had froth foaming from my mouth) it was decided that we would get the next flight (three hours late) and they “will see what we can do which will probably be not much” at the other end.  So while I was going off my head and crying holding myself together like the classy bitch I am, we trekked back to other lounge (I totally killed 10,000 steps today) and waited some more.

“This is an announcement for all passengers flying on DJ522 to Sydney with Whore Virgin Australia, please proceed to Gate 43 so you can wait another hour as your flight is now departing from a new gate.”

Blood pressure rising? Check. Steam coming out of our ears? Check. Kloi ready to rip someones head off and shit down the hole? Check.

53 minutes later I was sandwiched between Dan and a man who didn’t believe in a personality and I was settled in ready for the flight. Finally landing in Sydney I was relieved as we had been notified as we landed that we would be getting on a flight by QantasLINK  I was in a much better mood and bordering on “chipper.” That was, until we went to check in as directed and found out that Whore Virgin Australia hadn’t done as they said, and to check back in 15 minutes, Which stretched to half an hour, Which stretched to 45 minutes and then an hour.

After a discussion with a woman who was another Blinky Bill, during which Dan said “it’s alright” and I turned around said “Well, no, it’s actually not, I am meant to be at work in an hour and we aren’t even able to check in!” we were finally able to check in to our new flight and proceed down stairs through another search.

In enters dinner and a short wait for QantasLINK  and before I knew it we were on our way. Thank GOD for QantasLINK because other wise I would be stuck in Sydney instead of sitting in my chair and my PJ’s sipping on a long awaited Kiewa.

Seriously, what was the go with Whore Virgin Australias customer service?? We weren’t advised of the cancellations, we weren’t provided with any help or assistance of any kind, we were not informed of what was happening at any stage and then we were told we may been stranded in Sydney till they can finally get us home.


Have you had any airline experiences that left you seething?

P.S – Brisbane airport toilets are definitely a size 12!


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