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February 26: My feet hurt, I’m cranky, and I swear if you even look at me in that tone of voice!!!

on February 26, 2012

You know what sucks?
When you come home from work, where you have spent hours on your feet and you sit down. You take off your shoes and massage your poor, tired feet. You can hear your feet sighing in relief.
And then, it invariably comes. There is no avoiding it.

Babe… can you get me…”

And I’m sure for all the Mums out there it is exactly the same, just with little voices that have twice the amount of whine in.

Do the people in your households have an inbuilt sensor, which alerts them to the exact moment in which you get perfectly comfortable? I am almost 100% certain Daniel does. Even when he isn’t in the house, I can guarantee he will call the phone within two minutes of me getting comfy, again… and again… and again… until I just can’t find my comfy spot again. This leads to the “I want to stab you. In the Eye.” statement that seems awfully prevalent around my little castle.

I remember having an innate ability, to have some thing totally imperative to my existence , which just had to be explained to my Mum when she was on the phone. You could guarantee it, just about.

*Bring Bring*

I never meant to do it, but it just happened. Every day.

Is this what goes on when Dan calls me just as I sit my butt down and lift my feet up? Does he not mean to raise my blood pressure to stabbing point make me move when I have finally gotten comfy? Or is it one of those coinkydink things that just can’t be explained? Never the less, it still gets me cranky.

As every person knows, once you’re in a bad mood its hard to get out of it. And every little thing then pisses you off more and makes you want to rip some necks off.

Something as little as “can you pass me the Doona” may leave you imagining out bloody scenes complete with a meat cleaver.
Or for me, it only has to be something as small as “Babe, can you turn the light off?” which makes me crankier again.

I know there has been stages when I have been so cranky over nothing that Dan would only have to look at me and it would leave me doing the whole “what? why are you looking at me? What have I done now?” which then sets off a chain reaction.

Crankiness is a common theme through out my family. We’re all lovely people, we are nice and helpful, and generally the best friend to have around. Unless we’re in a cranky. Even my cat hides when I am in a cranky. She does tend to cop it when I can’t release the frustrations on someone else.

How many times has something so inconsequential put you in the filthiest mood out there? Something that you would normally be able to brush aside gets under your skin and leaves you baying for blood.

What little things get you cranky? Are you able to get yourself out of the mood?


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