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February 27: When new isn’t always better.

on February 27, 2012

Every kid goes through it. The newest and most expensive console out just has to be bought other wise their life will not be worth living.

Yes, I too was one of those kids.

But it’s looking back now that I can see and appreciate those older style consoles and realise that it is very hard to be beat them.


In our household we have a variety of consoles. But the one that I play and would be lost without is my trusty old Super Nintendo.
The SNES is one that is built on the principles of basics – that the levels are 2D (or were, until Donkey Kong came along and revolutionized the world), that there is generally only one ending to every level,  and that two players was the most you could have – and if there were more than two siblings in a family, tough luck coz I got here first! The games on this console were infinitely “better” than those on the Nintendo (NES) because you could now move both backward and forwards through a level, as well as retry the level if your score is not what you needed.

SNES also brought about the advent of Yoshi, which was a step that enable Nintendo to further broaden their fan-base and games concepts. (Just to point out, Yoshi is the coolest character.)

Now the Xbox360 console, which definitely brought about a massive change within the gaming community, has a considerable fan-base which seems to consist of boys and their girlfriends which all seem to be named COD, MW3, or GOW.  Yes, this console is a lot more interactive thanks to the Kinect, but at the end of the day the majority of the games are set up from the 18-35 age bracket, which tend to exclude the young ones from playing.
You can have up to four players on the one console which means you can have better “team” playing but again, only in the older age brackets.
The added advantage that the Xbox has over any Nintendo consoles is that it can play DVD’s, CD’s, and you can hook up your Microsoft based laptop to it and play movies.

As you can probably gather, I am very much a “Nintendo” person and will consistently choose the Nintendo consoles over anything else.  Every now and then I still break out my Nintendo 64 and have a go at that one, although the Super will always hold a special spot in my wee little heart.

I think because I grew up with Nintendo’s, and my never ending mission to get on it before my big brother did, is why I still love them so much. I love the sheer simplicity of the console, I love how you only have to turn it on and voila! Your game is up, waiting to be played.

What is your favorite console?
Do you have any games that you simply just love to this day?


2 responses to “February 27: When new isn’t always better.

  1. You know, when the WII came out, I felt sincerely ripped off because I had finally upgraded from the Nintendo 64 to the OMG Wonderful GAMECUBE – a day late and a dollar short as usual because the WII came out shortly after that five or six hundered dollars were shelled out. BUT…. after owning a WII I know without a doubt that it sucks. I’m too old and crunchy to do all the fancy arm flailing movements and ‘futuristic’ participation stuff.

    The cube was not a great move for Nintendo, in my humble opinion. The old N64 Cartridges just never died – all you ever needed was to give them a good ‘blow’ and they’d be as good as new. The cube’s poxy disks were scratched the day after you bought them, and worked only if you ‘held your mouth in the right position’.

    Give me the N64 and Mario Party cartridges, and I’m a happy girl!

  2. Mum says:

    hear hear!!!

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