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March 3: Adult Tupperware.

on March 3, 2012

This post does contain swearing. Do not read if you are easily offended, don’t like swearing, or have a stick up your arse about what I do.

Today I happened to come across the path of a girl I used to go to school with.
After the general “Hi, how are you, what are you doing” obligatory speech, I left the person feeling annoyed. No, not annoyed. Down-Right Effing Pissed Off is an accurate term, I feel.

This person asked me what I am doing these days. I gave the general speech: Light chit chat about nothing of importance.

“Oh. How did your parents feel when you used to work for the sex toy company?”

Yes people. I have worked for a party plan company where I sold adult toys and lingerie. This does not automatically make me a slut, a whore, a nymphomaniac, a prostitute or anything of the ilk.

I did parties for the women who can’t get out and go to the shops, or who feel uncomfortable doing it.

I answered questions which they feel they can’t ask anyone else. I made sure they have a hilarious night or day with a piss load of laughs.

And you know what else? I WAS FUCKING BRILLIANT AT IT.

I am not ashamed of it, It brought me in a decent amount of money with which I paid my rent, my bills, my shopping.

It got me out of the house and into an environment where I can laugh my ass off and educate other people.

I have women who come to me and thank me for allowing them a chance to shop in a way that they are safe, comfortable, and free to ask any and all questions that they feel the need to.

My family knows all about what I did, and I don’t think that something as trivial as me selling sex toys and lingerie is enough to make my parents ashamed of me. I am sure they would prefer me to be working than sitting at home, doing sweet F.A because getting a job is too hard.

With my suitcase of “adult tupperware” and my bag of lingerie, I’d help women feel sexy in their bedroom, I’d allow them the chance to feel good about themselves and boost their self esteem a bit.

I am not ashamed of what I did, I am no different to the lovely woman who works at Club X down the road. I do not lie, cheat or steal in order to pay my way, I do a job which pays me and helps other people feel good about themselves. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, despite what a woman who made my life miserable 10 years ago thinks.

When this side path I have taken ends up with me on trips around the world because of the targets I achieved, And you are left sitting at home, sexually frustrated and making your arse-groove deeper in your couch, remember that it could be worse.  My parents could be yours – and they would hate me sitting on my arse more than anything else.

Oh, and just for the record. Book a party. I might be able to sell you a toy that will remove that stick from your arse… or push it further in.



7 responses to “March 3: Adult Tupperware.

  1. Mum says:

    I love you, I am proud you are you. xoxoxoox
    Now enough swearing!!! You know I don’t like that!
    Sell as many toys as you can, but do not speak like trash because you are not!!!!

  2. Kloi-Jayd says:

    It makes me angry, like “me Hulk” angry, when people assume that I have shamed my parents because I sell sex toys. I was brought up to know that any job is a job, and it is always preferable to sitting on your back side. And unless it is a case of safety, you never quit a job without another lined up.

    I am not trash, despite this troglodyte trying to make me out so. And Momma… i’ve said the eff word ONCE in 63 posts. GO ME for taking this long to do it LOL.

    Love you xxx

  3. Arni K says:

    Gert, you are sooooooo fkn mine! Omg I think I peed a little reading rhis particular entry! You stand up for yourself and hold that head up high sweetheart! I am PROUDER of you than I ever thought possible!!! Loveyaguts bigtime!

  4. Beth R says:

    did she ask how your parents felt in a nasty way or do you think she might have just felt uncomfortable and asked the first thing she thought of? Some people would find it weird to talk to their parents about their sex lives so it may not have been a judgement? Of course you would know if it was by her tone and everything but all you wrote about the interaction was that she asked how your parents feel about that. There’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing at all so no one should be able to make you feel bad about it.

    • Kloi-Jayd says:

      Hi Beth 🙂
      The way this person said it was as if “they must be so ashamed”
      I should have mentioned her tone in the blog, you’re right. It was absolutely dripping with patronization.
      She was definitely trying to imply that I was doing something shameful, which is why i replied so forcefully.

  5. beth says:

    that’s really weird that she thought it was shameful. also rereading i saw u said she made your life miserable 10 years ago so that gives an indication of her character that i didn’t pick up on

    • Kloi-Jayd says:

      I get a lot of people who assume what i do is distasteful or dirty, because of the nature of what I sell. It is a frustrating misconception, but one i usually try to accept. I just got annoyed when she inferred that my parents should be ashamed of me. During high school this person made my life hell, its funny that in 10 years she hasn’t changed!

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