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March 6: This apple is freaking delicious!!!

on March 6, 2012

Tonight, as an early birthday gift from my Momma, I was taken along to a hypnotist that was running a seminar based purely on weight loss and taking back control.

I went along, a wee bit excited because I fully believed it would work, and arrived at the prescribed time of 6.30. I had my mothers voice resonating through my brain: 6.30 Gert and NO LATER! (Let’s not be surprised when she was late though)

Filing into the board room where we sat in a seat and listened, was a little bit daunting but I had a feeling in my waters that this was what I needed.

We were taken through a mild hypnotherapy session (a training one) and  Charles Borden explained what he was going to do and how he was going to do it. He explained that we would probably have a sense of time distortion, to which I scoffed in my head. I have a fairly good grasp of time lapse. After the training session which had me feeling relaxed, heavy, and both sleepy and rejuvenated, I estimated around 12 minutes for that particular piece. It turned out to be 18. Somewhere in my relaxed state of semi-consciousness, I had lost 6 minutes. I was impressed to say the least.

During the next two sessions where I elected to sprawl on the floor in order to maintain my ever-so-important comfiness, (I hate to be uncomfortable. You don’t understand how much) I was not as connected, for lack of a better word, to the second one. But in the third: WOW. The images he was guiding me to see were as clear as day. My mum says she saw Edward and Bella and then an argument with herself, but I saw me in like a slide show succession: One in three months, One in six, and one in nine. The clarity and (cliche as it sounds) peace I felt about those images seemed to have triggered something inside me. I felt so deeply that I was going to achieve this. I knew I could.

I left the seminar feeling happy, cheerful, and odd. I knew that by normal standards I would be craving a Coffee Milk right now… but I didn’t. All I wanted was an apple. Yep, No Shit. An Apple. A big green, juicy apple.

I went shopping with mum, Aunty T and Kyle afterwards and stayed away from where I knew the Kiewa was stored. But then, when I went past it, I saw it was on special. And I kept right on walking. I whined to my mum that it was on special, but for once I didn’t feel like I wanted it. I didn’t feel like I needed it.

As we meandered around Safeway I found myself grabbing things I normally wouldn’t. Wholegrain Bread, Water, Multi-Vitamins… and when Dan wanted an Ice Break, I still didn’t feel like one of my CM’s. And I actually felt excited when I saw that Granny Smiths were on special, as were strawberries… and pears! I think I bought more fruit tonight that I have all year.

When I got home, Mel wanted Maccas. She asked if I was OK to take her, considering what I had just done. I was surprised when I said Yes. A part of me wanted a Big Mac so badly, but I think it was out of habit more than anything. I grabbed one of my apples on the way out the door and munched on that all the way to McD’s and through the Drive-Thru, but I still didn’t want any burgers or fries or even soft drink. My apple was just too good!!!

Filling up with fuel on the way home I could see my CM’s beside where I was standing. I could see a truckie behind me holding some. And, for the first time in years, I just didn’t want one.

It’s like I have had an immediate change come over me. I can’t describe it, I can’t explain it. I just feel different. And I like it.


One response to “March 6: This apple is freaking delicious!!!

  1. Mum says:

    LOVE YOU!!!
    Hope this works Bubba Gump, we all need it!
    I choose to be slim…

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