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March 9: Making a Pro-Happiness Bag for a special person

on March 10, 2012

Depression. Crippling, Anxiety causing, Painful, Tearing.

Someone who is very important to me is suffering from depression. And not the depression where everyone is out to get you… It looks like her soul is being torn apart, and hurting her.

I’ve been there, I’ve done that, I’ve bought the shoelaces.

The dictionary definition is:

Psychiatry : a condition of general emotional dejection and withdrawal; sadness greater and more prolonged than that warranted by any objective reason.
Depression is not a sign of weakness. It is not a “cop out.” It is an honest-to-goodness heartbreaking thing to go through.
Some people choose to treat it with pills, and while they weren’t for me, they do work for some people. Some people choose to ignore it, and I personally don’t agree with that either. Ignoring an issue does not make it go away.
So yesterday I decided I would gather a few things together to give to her, things that I used to help cheer me up. Well, cheer up is not an accurate description, maybe distract would be better. I started by buying her a special mug.

I had a special mug for when I felt really down. I would only ever make my favorite beverage in it, and only I would ever use it. I wouldn’t let anyone else use it, because it was only for me.
Next in this pack is a beanie baby that is a Healing Angel. I thought it appropriate. Even if it only sits on a shelf and gathers dust, I hope it will help.
Then we have Relaxation Incense Pyramids. I used these a lot, I found a pretty smell helped me feel good and took my mind off my thoughts, and I would just focus on the smell.
Now we have some pretty hand cream and a matching soap. This goes along with the smells discussed above. These smell like pomegranate and feel very nice on. I found even taking 5 minutes to rub some nice smelling lotion would help me relax.
To go along with the lotions, I have put in some face care sachets. There is a toner, a moisturizer, a cleaner, and the like. This goes along with the “take five minutes for yourself” approach. I know it sounds cliche, but sometimes it really does help – particularly after a shower and before bed. There is 5 in the pack, so there are quite a few.
I have also put in a purple pillar candle. I used to love sitting in a dark room just staring at a candle flame, emptying my mind and focussing on the flame. It was soothing, relaxing, and almost meditative. Well, infact I guess it is a form of meditation.
This is where we get into the “fun stuff”. Stuff that I know will make my friend smile.
POPROCKS! who can put pop rocks in their mouth and not smile at the explosion that is dancing upon your tongue? I do not know a single, solitary person who doesn’t like that sensation.
Added to the collection is a purple bracelet made of seven large beads. Seven is apparently the most powerful number, and purple is my favorite colour. I don’t know what my friends favorite colour is, so I just went with mine. I wanted to get her something that when she wore it, it would remind her that someone cares a lot about her, no matter how hard it gets.
And here we come do the piece de resistance, something that I know will make my friend flip her pretty little lid : Harry Potter limited edition Trading cards.  She is mad about Harry Potter, and I’m pretty sure she would marry him if given the chance, being a fictional character not-with-standing!
I know that to some, what I have packed isn’t a lot or even helpful. In being totally, brutally honest, I don’t expect it to help a great deal, fix it, or even make her a little happier. It is just so she knows I am thinking of her, and caring about her. They are just things that helped me. Things that made me feel a smidgen happier.
Please, if you know someone with depression, do not ignore the issue. Do not assume it will go away. Offer help, even if it’s only a hug. You have no idea how much a hug can help. It’s not just a hug. It’s physical contact, it’s someone showing you they care. It’s someone showing you that they can see your pain. It’s someone showing you they love you.
It is someone showing you that you have a friend. And a friend whom you trust, confide in and love is an invaluable tool in all of this.
If you or someone you know has depression, there are some great sites to look at such as
and there is always your doctor… there is even me.
Keep smiling, the sun will come out tomorrow. xo

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