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March 12: Linking up with some good reads for you!

on March 12, 2012

I tend to spend a lot of time either blogging or doing bloggy-related things: researching, drafting, editing and reading other posts to give ideas.

One of the blogs I check every day is Pregnant Chicken. It is incredibly informative and very nuts & bolts about all issues pregnancy related. Humourous, Blunt, and well written, it’s definitely a good read for those who are trying to become pregnant, those who are pregnant, and those who have been pregnant and want to remember all the gory stuff!

Another one which I always read is Jenny Talia. She is the daughter of the legendary Kevin Bloody Wilson and her posts are hilarious! They are always good for mood pick up. Now, be forewarned that she uses profanity on her page. It doesn’t worry me but it might you. She is brilliant at her job, her songs are always wonderful. I saw her in concert a year or two ago and it was a night of awesomeness!

Another good blog is Failbook : Its a pictorial blog and is run by icanhascheezeburger inc. This one is always good for a reminder that somewhere in this wide world, there are people that should not have been the fastest sperm. I tend to spend most of my time when I read this shaking my head and thinking “You have no clue…” Gigglefest is guaranteed on here!

The above three blogs are ones that I prefer. As you can see, they are three very different topics.

I tend to look for blogs that catch my interest in the first sentence. If I am not fully intrigued then I move on rather quickly; I hate to read things that bore me, and while they may be good further down, it’s always the first few lines that decide for me whether or not I will continue.

People don’t realise that writing a blog is hard. You have to keep your posts real, humorous, short, emotive, easy to read, not too dark (you may send someone running for their razors) and not too light (you may send someone after YOU with their razors). Basically, like a bowl of Special K, you have to be just right.

The blogs I have listed manage to do all these things better than I do.  They capture the right mix of all that is required to keep their readers entertained. You are tangled up in their web of words before you realise it.

One of the things that I have noticed is that they don’t blog every day – so I am constantly checking back in and getting excited for the next one.

Hang on while I go check the opening sentences on all my posts…


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