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March 17: Blind Baking… so simple, a blind person can do it!

on March 17, 2012

As previously stipulated in my meat loaf blog (which you can read here) I suck at cooking but I try to have a meal ready for Dan when he gets home from work.
After a perusal of my fridge and pantry, I saw I had all the ingredients for a quiche tonight. (Bonus points on not having to buy anything and using up what is in my food stores!!!)
Because of comments that have been made to me in the previous week, I decided I was going to make my own pastry for it too, coz that’s how I roll.

Enter Captain Google which told me I could also make pastry from what I had in my pantry! DOUBLE POINTS BRO!!!

So, I combine the said 250g of flour and 250g of butter and then add the 100mls of water. Except, I didn’t use 100mls. I used about 50 because it looked so wet. Clearly, I think on my feet, yes?

The beginnings of the pastry-like substance
I’m pounding and kneading at this dough like substance and it’s still saturated… so I tip some water out of the bowl (thus reducing it to about 30mls) and place in the fridge to harden to a “consistency which is easily pliable while firm enough to hold form.” Right. So I moulded it into the shape of boobies and when it held I figured I had kneaded in enough.

After the required 1/2 an hour I took it out and the pastry was firm… very firm… perhaps I should have put all the water in? Oh well… too late now, I figured.

After rolling the dough out and doing the required folding, rolling, folding, rolling, My pastry did not look at all like the photo but I managed to successfully make the base (If by successfully I mean hodge podge and mildly disconcerting). Putting it in to the pan was not even half as successful though.

I was trying awfully hard not to make a disaster of it, but as you can see above, I kind of failed at it. No matter. Onwards and Upwards, right?

Thinking back to a Home Eco class with Ms. Johnson, I remembered that you have to blind bake pastry – that is, fill it with rice and bake it at a high temp for 20 minutes. So, feeling all Betty Crockerish, I fill it up with rice and chuck it in my hot oven. Whew! Difficult phase completed!!!

Hahaha, No.

When Dan mentioned to me earlier to make sure that I cover “it” with baking paper, I knew we didn’t have any but figured that it was no biggie. And why on Earth would I put it over the top anyway? Silly Men! Alas… he meant cover the pastry before sticking the rice in, didn’t he? Yeah, I established that.

And Maybe I should have allowed more than the designated 20 minutes considering how thick my pastry was. I wasn’t sure it was meant to crumble when I touched it.

I scrape away at what is left of my semi-semblance of pastry and manage to remove the majority of the rice. Using a spatula and more than a few swear words, I get the pastry pushed back into shape and don’t hesitate when I come to pour my egg, bacon and milk mixture in.

I figure worse comes to worse, the base is soggy and we don’t eat it. No biggie, it was a learning experience.
After a good 45 minutes of cookeration (yes, I know it’s not word but I love it anyway!) and we have a lovely Quiche ready to eat…

And the burnt crust doesn’t mean anything, does it?


6 responses to “March 17: Blind Baking… so simple, a blind person can do it!

  1. fighterfemme says:

    minus the burnt bit it looks really yummy Gert

  2. mance says:

    Omg u silly goose if u want pastry lesons come to a pro πŸ˜‰ but thumbs up for the effort it didn’t look to bad in the end

  3. Mum says:

    At least you tried buddy,, but who cleaned up??? πŸ˜›

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