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March 18: Having nothing to blog about.

on March 18, 2012

How to have fun when you’re the desi
What it means when you are alienated
How to handle dogs and the way you are treated
Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy

See all those titles up above? They’re all ones I tried to write about, plus about 10 more. The pain in the ass thing about being a blogger is sometime you get brain freeze and you just can’t shift the fog to something resembling even the smallest of blogs!

I put up a call for help on FaceBook and recieved heaps of brilliant topics – all ones that I have put into a new “topic bank” but none seemed right for tonight. And then my friend Kristy challenged me to write a blog about having to nothing to blog about, and I realised why it was happening. For some reason, the Universe has decided that I need to think on my feet tonight!

OK Universe (And Kristy!): Challenge Accepted!

Having nothing to blog about is possibly the most annoying thing in the universe – it’s right up there with ingrown hairs, late doctors appointments and husbands.
And you have to be in the right frame of mind to write something successfully – I could not write about Sunshine and Daisies if I was in one of my “I hate the world” moods – because it when then turn out to be Skin Cancer and Dead Roses. Of course, it goes vice versa too.

Just as a side note – trying to ramble about something which is effectively nothing is also damned hard!


Often I sit out and do my blogs outside on my back verandah, where I can think out loud and form sentences to the next door neighbours cat, buttonight even that fell short for me. I didn’t see anyone enjoying a blog about a random cat from next door who can twist itself into awesome positions so it can lick its nether regions. I also couldn’t see you enjoying a 500 word blog about how I tip my citronella bucket candle around and around so that the wax melts evenly on the outside.

When I’m looking for a topic, I sift through the brain fog to find inspiration from my day. If that fails, I extend it to looking out my back yard. By this stage if nothing has come up, I end up singing to my self (Act-iONNNNN, I’ve got a feelin!!! Priscilla Queen of the Desert style, of course!) and when that doesn’t work – it rarely does, by the way – Captain Google comes to the rescue. And even then he sometimes lets me down, which is when I head to FB and put a call out.

And when I have nothing to blog about, is when all my lovely readers get left with a blog that is little more than a jumble of words with no true direction or meaning. Does it suck to be you right now?

For those who are interested, my bucket candle is all evenly melted around the edges. There may or may not be a few bugs embalmed in wax.



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