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March 20: Excuse me, Ms. Rude… But you seem to have divorced Mr. Manners?

on March 20, 2012

A lot of things get me cranky and pissed off, but very few so much as Rudeness.

I don’t know what your parents and grandparents taught you, but mine all taught me that a smile is free, that a kind word is the best thing you can give someone, and that if you have manners you can dine with Kings and Queens.

So why are there so many freaking rude people out there!?

People, it takes a mere second to wish someone a good day or night, and do you really need to take that phone call whilst you are being served? REALLY?

It gives me the absolute irits when someone is rude to me or someone around me. I make it a point when I am being served or spoken to that I ask “How are you? How has your day been?” Yes, sometimes I don’t want to hear that your cat died and that you have sore feet but I know a customer who is polite and converses with you is priceless!

When I am in Coles I always say thanks to the security officer who I walk past and end it with “Have a good night” because, lets face it, they have a shitty job. I find I get annoyed when I don’t get at least a smile or a nod back, but I still say the same thing every time – even to the cranky guard who just scowls in return.

If I happen to catch someones eye as I walk past I give them a brief smile and I always hope they pass it on.

There are so many aspects of rudeness: there is the scowl in return, the letting of your children going rampant, the person who pushes in front of you in a queue and you fantasise about stabbing with a meal tray but that doesn’t mean you have to be rude to someone else in return!

I hated being in customer service and asking someone “Hi, How’s your day been” before I served them and getting a grunt in return. Excuse me, but when I take the time out to open a dialogue with you, please take 2 seconds to say “Yeah, not bad thanks. Can I please have…” or “It’s been shitty/ Don’t ask / Ugh” so that at least the lines of communication are open and we can be polite!

And when did “please” and “thank you” become optional extras with your Happy Meal? I say those words so many times in each day to anyone who helps me in some form, because not only is it polite, it is also an expression of appreciation for whatever service they perform. I don’t care if all you do is hold a door open as I struggle through with whatever I have got in my hands,  I will still say thank you!

The ones who really get my goat are the people who are older and who don’t use their manners. You are the people who complain about the lack of manners in the younger generation, but when you don’t use them yourselves how the eff do you expect a person to learn them? Manners are not ingrained into a baby, they are taught. And it is when they are not taught that you end up with feral kids who have no concept of appreciation or gratitude that you then bitch and whinge about.

To all the rude people out there: I can give you the number of a TAFE which specialises in teaching people common courtesy and politeness.
The all the nice people out there, I can give you the number to Bunnings. A piece of 2×4 in the back of your car ought to do the trick when rude people piss you off!


2 responses to “March 20: Excuse me, Ms. Rude… But you seem to have divorced Mr. Manners?

  1. thebitchybride says:

    This sort of thing drives me mad too. A woman brought her kid into my cafe the other day and sat for half an hour right by the counter with the kid not taking even a ten second break from crying his lungs out. I know it’s hard being a parent and sometimes you can’t shut your kid up, but she might have had enough awareness to notice she was scaring other customers away and enough politeness to at least say thank you and sorry when she left. Grrrr!

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