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March 21 : I was sitting, waiting, wishing…

on March 21, 2012

Hands up who wishes on the first star they see?

Hands up who wishes on a dandelion? A birthday cake? 11:11?

I always do – and it’s always the same wish, and has been for years.

I know a lot of people who place NO store in wishing at all, yet it’s something that I can’t bring myself to stop doing.

And who says wishes can’t come true?

For me, a wish is sending out my deepest desire into the Universal Cosmos in the hope that someone or something hears it and grants it. Although, the wish for Alladin to pop up on my doorstep with a Robin Williams voiced genie never came true, but you win some and lose some, right?

Making the same wish over and over again also reaffirms to me, every night, that I know what I want and don’t need to change it. By sticking with me for so long it means its something that I really, truly want, so it’s worthy of a wish.

I know people who have had their wishes come true and I know some who haven’t. But does that mean that the one for whom it came true should stop wishing, or should it mean that person who hasn’t had it granted yet should wish a little harder?

In the words of the ever wise and omniscient Sheldon Cooper (I so get props for that in itself, don’t I?), “If wishes and buts were candy and nuts, we all would have a merry Christmas.” Well, yes, he is right… but what about when Christmas wishes get granted? I know that Santa himself grants quite a few!

Every thing in this world starts with a wish, even if you don’t realise you’re doing it. You know a hope is a wish, right? A whim that flits through your brain for something you desire is a wish. Every one wishes in some way for something every day.

I am told I am childish for holding on to my nightly wish routine – but I just can’t let it go. What would happen if tonights wish was the one they were listening to (ahh, yes, the dreaded “they people” referral!) but because I didn’t put it out there I would miss my opportunity? Yes, I know, I am clinging to quite possibly a false hope, but it doesn’t stop me from wishing with all my “may and might.”

What do you wish for?
Is it something that you have wished consistently into existence?

Starlight, Star Bright
First Star I See Tonight

I wish I may
I wish I might

Have the wish
I wish tonight.


One response to “March 21 : I was sitting, waiting, wishing…

  1. fighterfemme says:

    *Hands go up* as high as i can get them.
    I’m nearly 40 and I still wish on the first star i see and blowing out candles ect.

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