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March 22: The adventure to the centre of the… Handbag… DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN!

on March 22, 2012

Ahhhh… The handbag.

The place that everything goes to, quite often never to return. (This is especially the case when it comes to receipts!)

Today, I happened to randomly look in my bag and realised that If I were to lose it, I would be fu-barred beyond belief!

What’s in my handbag? I hear you begrudgingly ask… Well, here we go…

Lets start on the right: I have a box containing an Amber Necklace to deliver to our prize winner from last week (thanks MyAmberBaby), two bottles of perfume – I wear both at the same time -, my smokes, my lighters (yes, four of the suckers), my phone, a receipt which has some how survived more than 20 minutes in the chasm, my huge wallet, umpteen packets of Equal, eyeliner, mascara, coins, a pen donated from somewhere… and there is more crap underneath!

Now, a womans hand bag is said to be a direct reflection of her life. A friend of mine always has a “toy” in it, another’s is as organised as the Dewey Decimal System, and mine… well, mine is exactly what my life is: Chaotic.

I tried keeping my bag organised and neat… and it was the most stressful 20 minutes of my adult hand bag carrying life! Yes, I could see everything, and I knew where it all was, but I constantly felt as though it was empty and I had forgotten something.

I always know where something is in my bag, even if its as jumbled and mixed up as above. I can direct you almost exactly toward whatever it is you may be looking for; I can tell you how much change is in the bottom; I can even tell you where you will be able to find an ever elusive nose stud!

Dan is always hesitant to rummage through in search of something… I wonder if he feels like Frodo did as he was heading out for Mordor. Of course, it took Frodo five years to find the City. I don’t think Dan would be lost for any more than seven, maybe eight!

My  handbag has slowly been growing as I have gotten older. It has gone from a wee cute little receptacle to a cavernous, multi-pocketed, bursting at the seams over nighter bag. And I love it!!!

Having a huge handbag is always handy, especially for when Dan can’t carry his wallet, keys, phone or anything he has bought. When I am out with kids it is not unusual to find a dummy, a bottle, or maybe a chip stranded in the bottom.

I often sit and think “yeah, I probably should clean it out.” And then I look at it, see what’s in it, and know that right there is exactly what I am looking for. And then I realise I have more important things to do (like pulling my wisdom teeth out with a toy wrench) and realistically, I just can’t be bothered venturing into a chasm from which I may not return in time for dinner.


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