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March 30: The last of the PCOS blogs… for now.

on March 30, 2012

So far we have covered a myriad of information about PCOS. I spent quite a while thinking up a fitting ending to this mini-series, and I think I have found it.

The finale was going to be disgust at the lack of support and information around my local area. I was going to exhort change, and knowledge, and beg the blogging world to some how get it through a politicians head that this needed to change. There needed to be more support. There needed to be somewhere that women could go to so they could get information or find someone who could direct it to them.

I was going to wish for change. And then I changed my mind. I was going to BE the change. I was going to FORCE the change. I was going to make a DIFFERENCE.

I set up a small piece of FaceBook and created a support page for us Soul-Cysters who have no where to go to.

I have already had emails from four or five different women who are thanking this page for being in existence, because they needed it.

I already have plans hidden within plans for what me and these magical ladies are going to achieve. At the end of the day, realistically, we may only achieve the friendship and support we crave – but what if we achieve more? What if we educate just one person a week, and they have a bit more knowledge about PCOS and what it entails? Personally, I would classify that as a big Fat win!

I have already been asked to take it to a State and National Level for support. There many “support” pages out there, but none on a local level, and none who don’t speak down to you. This is what I want to achieve. This is what I want to enact.

Yes, I have PCOS. But PCOS doesn’t have me. I will find a way to overcome this disease, and I WON’T let it beat me.

PCOS can wreak havoc on my body. It can give me head aches which are blinding. It can give me hair and my waxer a job. It can make me cranky and nasty.

But it can be ready to have its ass kicked to kingdom come, too. I will fight it tooth and nail. I will achieve what it is I desire. I will NOT let PCOS rule my life.

PCOS is an absolute bitch of a metabolic disease. It is a down right pain in the patootie.

But what’s worse than any of that?

A woman. On a Mission. Who is might pissed off and is ready to fight tooth and nail for what she wants.

I will make a place that women can go to if they need to cry. I will make a place that provides local support.

I will teach PCOS that just because I have it for life, doesn’t mean it will take it over.

I will be a mother. I will be an ambassador.

But above all else, I will be stronger than PCOS can ever dream of being.

If you are interested in the PCOS support page I have set up, you can see it here


One response to “March 30: The last of the PCOS blogs… for now.

  1. Was a great read, very helpful and informative. Continue doing what your doing!

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