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March 31: Have I become a pain in the back side customer?

on March 31, 2012

I seriously must be one of those customers that Retail Staff hate to see.

For me, there is nothing so important in a shopping experience as the Customer Service I receive. And if it is not up to my standard, best you believe that I will be saying something, post-haste!

A lot of people can say anything they like about me, but my Customer Service is something that cannot be faulted. How do I know this? My consistent 95% plus customer service scores, for a start (I lost 5% for using colloquialisms). Also, the fact that I used to get people who would say to me “I love the way you serve me, that other person is too scowly/non-smiley/cranky

I am also a very conscientious customer. I greet every CSR, I am polite, I tip when I can. I think this entitles me to a decent service.


Have I become the customer who demands service above what can reasonably given?
Have I become that bitch that people hide from, saying “bags not!” when I walk through the door?
And please tell me I haven’t become that little old person who annoys you with their incessant chattering!

I am seriously concerned that one day I will be the little old lady with 10 cats, lavender hair which is coiffed by an aged specialist beautician, with fluoro pink lipstick and garish blue eye shadow, that just has to show you my wallet photos of said cats on birthdays, who you hide from. You don’t hide out of meaness, for I will be a nice old lady. You hide out of sheer need, because I will talk your ear off for hours on end! And if you don’t chat with me, I will complain about the lack of customer service “these days.”

Wow… that was an off-branch.

Anyhoo… I don’t want to be that crazy person who demands you smile at me so I an see all your teeth. I want to be the person that people look forward to serving because of my awesomness.

I find myself, even now though I am only 20-something, thinking “When I was 14 and serving people, I definitely wasn’t a surely little cow!” and I am wondering  if I am setting myself up to being the customer that I fear most.

Have a look at my cats! This is Mittens, and Socks, and Rose-Petal and…


3 responses to “March 31: Have I become a pain in the back side customer?

  1. thebitchybride says:

    I think I’ve gone the opposite way. I do have high expectations, but I find that because I spend my days worrying about giving perfect customer service I can’t switch that side of me off when I’m receiving it. I find myself asking the server how thier day is and bending over backwards to make their life easier, then thanking them four or five times just in case they didn’t hear me.

    • Angbrennil says:

      I think that for some of us that have worked in the CS industry we are more aware of others. But I would go home with an achy face from smiling, even when all I wanted to do was crawl under a rock & hide.

      And yes thebitchybride I try to do that too but there is always 5 or 10 that just should never have got a job in the “i interact with anything that does or did breath oxygen” industry

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