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April 3: Since When is Easter all about Eggs?

on April 4, 2012

Today, I received the panicked message from my Big Sister saying “OMG, all the eggs are sold and I have nothing for Easter, WTF am I going to do?”

This will be the first year in which I give eggs for Easter – I generally give small gifts or vouchers and I really don’t feel comfortable handing out Chocolate to the young ones who are going to get a million tablespoons of sugar, anyway.

I like to give something that is going to be used for more time than it takes to go through someones digestive tract – and OK, a toy might only be cool for approximately 4.75 minutes, but atleast that 4 minutes more than it takes for it to be scoffed.

As both my sister and I are not exactly rolling in the dough, we needed to come up with an idea that still provided everyone with something from her family for Easter, that didn’t cost a fortune, and allowed her to be able to be organised within 3 days.

It didn’t take long for an idea to hit me: KuppyKakes for everyone!

So tonight, my sister and nephew came over and we began a cooking session that left everyone with six kuppies and a personal decoration idea for them.

After a few hours, Bec had more than enough Kuppies for all who needed them, and some left over. We had decoration ideas, different flavours, and a way to package them for a fraction of the standard price so that everyone had their own “special” kakes.

It made me wonder, WHY is there so much emphasis on the commercial side of Easter? I know that I would prefer to have kuppies made for me than an egg that is just picked off a shelf. I would rather have my nephew make me a card that said “Love you Aunty Gert!’ than receive anything else from him.

Why do people feel it’s insufficient to make something for others instead of buying it?
Why does Easter carry with it an expectation that everyone must be given something store bought?
It’s not like it’s Christmas; it’s not like it’s a birthday…

I will be giving eggs to all who I have to, and gifts to some as well. I will enjoy the time spent with my family and I will enjoy the looks on my families faces when they get what I give them.

But I will also be trying to find a different way to provide my easter ideas next year.



3 responses to “April 3: Since When is Easter all about Eggs?

  1. Mum says:

    And my messages from my grandson are one of my best treasures EVER!!!
    Thanks for doing that.. xoxoxoxo

  2. I definitely agree, and plus the price of the eggs nearly gave me a heart attack! shape some chocolate into an egg shape, slap some foil on it and triple the price! its ridiculous!
    While I still buy eggs for ppl, I like to weave my own baskets/nests out of newspapers to put eggs in just for a more personal touch šŸ™‚
    I like the Kuppy idea! would be a welcome break from all the chocolate!!

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