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April 4: A new way to do Jelly!

on April 4, 2012

As you may have gathered from my Fairy Bread post, I am a big fan of the old favorites in kiddie food.

Who remembers having Jelly made in these cool things for you?

I am always on the look out for new ways to show off the old foods, and since Jelly is high up on my “HolyshitIlovethatstuff” list, I was pretty excited when this popped up on my news feed today:

Uh, just how freaking cool is that?!?

Now, for those of you who don’t know how to make Jelly, all you need to do is follow the instructions on the pack.

To do this fabulous display, follow these directions:

Make up your jelly according to the directions.
Cut an orange in half and gut it – and REALLY gut it, that there is no pulp/string/orange left in there. Get as much of the white furry stuff out as possible.
Sit the Oranges on a flat slate or plate making sure they are balanced and wont tip over. My suggestion would be to have them balance on a cupcake tray.
Fill the oranges with your jelly mixture and leave to set for at least four to five hours.
When Jelly is fully set and ready to eat, cut your orange into quarters.

Voila! You have a super-dooper fan-frigging-tastic jelly display that is going to make you “Master Of Jelly” in your social circle.

Some other cool Jelly pics that Captain Google found for me were:

Now to do this awesome display, you gave to make the Jelly colours separately. When one layer nearly sets (preferably bottom to top, but hey, I’m flexible if you’re creative) put another layer of COOL jelly on it, and repeat. Making sure your mixture has cooled is vital though, because other wise it will melt the layer you’re putting it on.

And if you’re a little more health conscious, you can do this:

When I make up my jellies, I do them in individual plastic cups and put berries or fruit in them before I put them in the fridge. Just make sure the tastes correspond, because I’m pretty sure raspberries in Pineapple flavoured Jelly may not be quite the hit you imagine. And as a side note, if you put pawpaw or pineapple in your jelly, they won’t set right. I’m not quite sure why and, in all honesty, Captain Google gave me four different reasons. So I’m just going to go with the fact that they’re pain in the butt fruit. You agree? Good. Let’s move on.

These little babies look awesome, no? Again, just let your jelly set in lines and then put the cherry in. Continue to fill in layers and then you will have the most awesome Cherry Jellies on the Puh-lanet!!!

I am totally buying Jelly next shopping day. Jus’ Saying….

And Tamika – get excited. Guess what you’re getting on your birthday!!!

(P.S – all of these images are found on Google. Please don’t sue me if I have used one of your pictures. Consider it appreciation!)


3 responses to “April 4: A new way to do Jelly!

  1. thebitchybride says:

    Amazing! I need to buy jelly 🙂

    • Kloi-Jayd says:

      I got my easter gift from my parents today – 9 packets of jelly- one in every flavour they had on the shelf. so guess who has orange skins filled with jelly in their fridge!!! hahah let me know if you try them, i would love to see your result!

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