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April 5: If I don’t shave my legs, I can save five minutes!

on April 5, 2012

Does anyone ever have moments where it feels like your life has just gone “BAM!” and you have gone from trying to fill your days to trying to manage your days?

In the last two weeks I feel like this has happened to the stage where my head is spinning. I have gone from a life style where my days were my own and spending two hours at Meekas for coffee was a regular thing, to scheduling everything in half an hour blocks just to make sure I come through the other side. I’m not quite sure if I like it!

I have had kakes coming out of ears (good thing!), I have had parties that have had to be scheduled, and re-scheduled, I’ve had home commitments, family commitments, friend commitments; I have had days where I have left home at 8.30am knowing that I would return till after dark, days where I just know my Cat will be hating me for all the time spent away from her; and days where I just wish I could take five minutes to scratch this itch on my butt.

A month ago, I could usually estimate pretty well what my days would consist of: house work, the internet, reading, meeka, friends and cooking dinner. And now? Some times I don’t know if I am Arthur or Martha with everything I am doing!

Even tonight, I have had to schedule blogging in a twenty minute block (12 minutes to go!), I’ve had to juggle two kakes kooking very freaking slowly in between making sure the house is tidy for my Princess Party which I’ve got on tomorrow afternoon, and I’ve had to get everything organised for our Easter weekend – this after a day full of phone calls, appointments, consultations and panic attacks.

Now, I know to some people my life may not seem very busy, especially compared to theirs. But for someone who has gone from one extreme to the other, it is abso-freaking exhausting!

So what have I done to combat this feeling?

I have:

  1.  Made a list of priorities
  2. Left some room for movement in between appointments and responsibilities
  3. Realised my hand writing was disgusting so screwed list up
  4. Re-wrote said list
  5. Transferred list to my diary in my head
  6. Promptly lost my list

I know, I know, I can hear you all saying “God-damn she’s organised!”


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