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April 6: What are you going to do? Caps Lock me to death?

on April 6, 2012

The other night (how delightfully broad that line is!) I was commenting on a friend of mines FaceBook status about a recent event in our town that was rather tragic. Before long, the 130-odd comment status had developed into a full scale war.

What had started out as conversation about this event, culminated with one person threatening the lives of many of those commenting on the status, degrading us because of our views, and deciding the only way to “win” this debate was to… dun dun dun!!! CAPS LOCK ME TO DEATH!

I have very definite views on a lot of things, but being drawn into an argument over them – and with a child (ok, so maybe she was 15 or so) – is not something I particularly relish.

Any way, it ended up with me making the decision to remove myself from the mutual friends FaceBook as my mouth was about two movements away from letting go and I didn’t think she, or any one, needed to see what I was thinking.

But I definitely stewed over the issue during the night and was at the stage where I was fuming.

Can someone please explain to me when it became OK to degrade someone because of their beliefs, religion or sexual orientation? Because as far as I know, IT’S NOT!

And to make threats through a computer screen (which is seriously the best protection ever, just in case you didn’t know) is just down right cowardly. And cowardice does not suit any person, at all.

I am all for debates over opinions and beliefs as long as it doesn’t degenerate into a slinging match where threats, names and nastiness gets thrown about like confetti. Not only does it make you look like a fool, it reflects badly on the person’s page where this is taking place.

Threats through a computer screen must make people feel so tough, I’m sure the keyboard is just a fabulous battering tool, and your tower must be awesome as a protector.

But the thing that was hardest for me was that this person wasn’t even coherent in their own thoughts, and then called me an “unejucated idiot wid no sens of how to string to sentenses 2getha”.

Look, I know that a lot of people don’t agree with my thoughts and theories, and some even think I’m quite loopy for them. But at least they have sat with me and had a debate or a discussion over the other’s feelings on a particular topic and usually reach the “agree to disagree” phase. You know, like an adult.

Hang on… I have to go find my “I’m a douche hat” because I have to go Caps Lock someone. Their point of view is different to mine.


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