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April 9: 100TH POST BABY!

on April 9, 2012

YAY! We’ve done it! We have hit our 100th post!

I thought about being really nasty to you all and writing 100 facts about me, or the blog, or the Universe. Then, I decided I couldn’t be bothered not to be mean to you all. I thought about the “Thank you to my readers spiel” but I have done that too! So what am I left with?

Not a whole lot! Except this:

I’ve learnt a whole lot whilst I’ve been on my blogging journey.

I have discovered that the words I write can influence others, and they can infuriate readers as well.
I’ve discovered that doing it every day resulted in me resenting the page so badly that I was ready to give up.
I’ve discovered those are always reading and giving me feedback.
I’ve stumbled upon a form of the English language that only bloggers understand.

I’ve learnt that being myself in a public forum is scary.
I’ve learnt that not everyone likes it.
I’ve grown from the experiences and have come to understand why it’s sometimes a good thing to reign myself and my thoughts in a wee bit.

I’ve found a faith in myself, and knowledge that at the end of the day, I am going to be OK.
I have accepted the fact that while my blog isn’t read by 33 million people, it only takes one reader to make it worthwhile – even if it is my mum.
I’ve come to cherish the times when I am not banging my head on the key board and the ideas just flow.
I’ve come to understand the fine art that comes with writing about a different topic every single day.

I have found inspiration in the strangest of places:

I’ve been taught that it’s OK to have a rant on the page if I need it – but not to abuse that privilidge.
I’ve been taught that baring my soul is worthwhile – because someone else may be feeling the exact same thing but has no one who understands.
I’ve learnt that there will always be one person who will use your deepest thoughts and words against you, even though they removed themselves from my life.

I’ve learnt how to make kick-ass jelly shots
I’ve learnt how not to blind bake
I’ve learnt how to cook a meatloaf

I’ve learnt how to manage my time and my posts better
I’ve learnt that the spell check on WordPress sucks.
I’ve learnt how to read Stats and Visit numbers so I can better gauge my audience.

To anyone who is umming and ahhing over whether or not start I blog, I would strongly urge you to.
It is amazing to have a piece of the Internet where you can un-jumble your thoughts, where you can meet new people and read new blogs.

It’s a great feeling to own a little piece of the WWW; and it’s an even greater feeling when you know you have made an impact on just one persons life.


One response to “April 9: 100TH POST BABY!

  1. mum says:

    Love ya

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