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April 11: Reliance upon the internet

on April 11, 2012

I realised today just how reliant I am on the internet for every day things:


We have, at best, a dodgy internet provider (I’m pretty sure they’re just a bunch of DoDo’s). We are left without access just as often as we are left with it. And I always find myself left kind of at a loose end when I know I can’t get online and I start to get antsy.

My dodgy connection is one of the reasons I ceased playing games on line, it’s why I don’t make catch up dates on FB and it’s why I would be lost without my SmartPhone.

Do you remember when the internet was actually something that only the “rich” could afford. Or, if you were lucky, they had it at school for research. I remember when my mum first got it on and I tried to play Neopets. I could go to the page, and make mum a cuppa whilst it loaded. Any way, I digress… a lot…

I spend a lot of time online networking, trainings, buying and selling. It is how I fill days, make payments, shop, spend; it is, ironically, where I go when I need human interaction.

We live in an age where the most common answer is “Google it.” If you’re not on Facebook it’s like you’re an alien species. If you have limited access to the internet, you’re technologically retarded and are restricted in most things, such as employment opportunities and study.

Our entire world is now internet based: you can grocery shop, interact, run the bloody stock market on it.
Without it, our whole world would be doomed… like Mayan doomed.

My baby sisters don’t remember a world without internet. They have a world where FaceBook controls every thing they do.

My big sister and I remember days on end running rampant around the Pine plantation the was bordering our town. We remember going to someones house and hoping they’re home, instead of FaceBooking them.

We have become a society that is so reliant on the Web that nearly everyone is lost, or bordering on death by boredom, without it. Now, I could set myself a goal and say “no internet for a day” to try and prove myself wrong… except I know that I would only drive myself crazy and end up failing miserably.

What do you think?
Do you think that the internet has become such a fixture in societies life that we would not cope without it?
Do you ever abstain from it, just to see if you can?
Or are you one of the few that doesn’t live on it?

I love the internet, don’t get me wrong. But it scares me when I sit back and realise just how much I feel I need it every day, just for the most basic of tasks.


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