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April 12: Our first Guest Blogger!

on April 12, 2012

Tonights guest blogger is someone who is toying with moving into the blogging world; but watch this space, because as soon as soon as she does, I will let you know! Staying anonymous for the time being, lets show her some support!

The one who got away…

Do you remember when you were in high school and you had your first crush? Mine was in year 7. Let’s call him Simon (of course, his name was nothing like Simon). I remember thinking that I would never stop “loving” him and that he was the dreamiest dream I’d ever dreamt. Of course, Simon and I were never to be. There were other crushes and Simon faded into a distant memory that I now giggle at and think “what on EARTH was I thinking?”

After I finished school, I met Tom (no, that isn’t his real name). Tom and I became instant friends. We spoke every day and had many of the same interests. He was perfect. Sexy accent, fit, athletic AND musical, not to mention intelligent and funny. Tom and I grew closer and closer over time, often cuddling together to watch a movie, or staying up all night talking. One night, after a few too many drinks, Tom and I came to a crossroads in our friendship. He kissed me. Things were getting heated, and I, preferring our friendship over what was fast becoming a one night stand, stopped him. He never spoke to me again. More time passed and Tom became a fond (but somewhat bitter memory).

Then I met Patrick (you guessed it, another name change). Patrick was a sensitive soul. Slightly younger than me and with the gentle demeanour of one who has not yet become jaded by life. He could cook and draw and play music. But most of all, he cared about people. Especially me. Patrick and I had one problem. There was a common person forbidding us from ever being open about our closeness. Several weekends away and countless late night phone calls made up that relationship, which was never anything more official than friends.

As we all know, life has a habit of getting in the way of things the older you get. We both changed as we grew up and he became the person he never wanted to be, bittered by losses and struggles. The phone calls became less frequent, and the weekends away became lingering hugs at events we were both attending.

Even though Patrick and I are now nothing like we used to be and we both knew that we could never be serious with each other. What is it that makes someone the one who will always stay with you? I miss what we had, but I understand that it will now always be in the past.

Recently, I found out (on the grapevine) that Patrick is now in a relationship with another girl. Hearing this was like being stabbed through the heart with a blunt knife. It ached. Physically, even though I know that what we had is no more. Perhaps it’s because she’s a total downgrade. I’m glad he is happy now, but if he ever came to me and said “let’s pick up where we left off” I can’t help but feel I’d be tempted to say yes.

I guess this makes him The One That Got Away.


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