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15 April: My KuppyKake.

on April 16, 2012


You know how you go through life, and you make new friends as often as you lose old ones? I’m pretty lucky in that my circle hasn’t really changed much in the last couple of years, except for one or two who I just had to let go of.

But one, whom you hear about quite a lot, is very special to me.

Meeka and I have only been friends for about 10 months but it feels like longer: she’s my go to when things get stuck and I can’t fix it, she’s the one who I can message at stupid-o-clock in the morning because I had a nightmare, she’s the one who listens to my crazy, then throws her kids at me and says “hold these while we figure this out.”

The thing that makes me admire her, though, is her sheer tenacity. It doesn’t matter if her world is crumbling and she losing her mind, I only have to call her and I know she will be by my side.

She’s generous so much that it does, sometimes, annoy me. She’s one of these people that will give you the only bra she has left if you need it, purely because YOU need it. Unfortunately, that leaves her and her husband, Vinny, open to be used and abused by other, less scrupulous folk – which does kinda make me go all pissy because to me, that’s not what people should do.

It’s the little things she does for me, though, that make me wonder at her absolute and utter amazingness: I mentioned one day that I always wanted big balloons on a birthday. You know, those huge number ones that are just about taller than a ten year old? When I came home from visiting my mum on my birthday I walked into my dining room and nearly died – there, in their silver inflated fantastic-ness, were two balloons, a 2 and a 5, surrounded by smaller purple balloons. It was one of the most amazing presents I have ever gotten.

Or there’s the time when I was doing a kake and needed a particular item for it but I couldn’t get to Coles to get it. Next thing I know, Meeka is on my doorstep with exactly what I need as well as my favorite drink.

I have a lot of friends – I am very lucky in that all of them are there for me, no matter what I am going through. But Meeka is the one I call when I am stressing and on the verge of breathing into a paper bag, she’s the one who makes me get my shit together and stop being a sook, and above all else, she’s the one who lubbs me no matter what I have done, or am doing, or want to do.

Friendship these days seems to be a case of “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” – but I love knowing that with Tamika, even if I was unable to do anything for her, she would still be my friend, she would still have my back, and she would still Lubb me.

To me, that’s what friendship is all about.


8 responses to “15 April: My KuppyKake.

  1. thebitchybride says:

    This made me really miss my best girl friends, all of whom live way too far away 😦

    • Kloi-Jayd says:

      It’s so hard when that happens!!! I hoe you catch up with them often! xxx

      • thebitchybride says:

        Yeah, I love them all to pieces and am happy to have them in my life at all, but I’m a little envious of you having someone on the doorstep.

      • Kloi-Jayd says:

        I am very lucky and appreciate that Meeks is only a 5 minute drive away. When I first left my home town my closest friend was over 80kms away, and I remember how lonesome I felt. I totally understand!!!

  2. sarah says:

    I dont know Tamkika as well as you, but from what I know this sums her up perfectly! the world needs more Tamika’s!!!!

  3. Vinny says:

    I am one of the most lucky people I know of. Why? Well because Im married to meeka and have her in my life. She is truly amazing and even with all the mentions she has on ur blog and all the times we tell her or show her how amazing she really is i can only say that none of this would ever come close to how amazing and beautiful she really is. I love her in every way possible and am thank full for everything she does an just thought i would take this chance to tell more of the world I LOVE U MEEKA. Also i want to say thank u kloi for everything u have done an will do for not only her but for myself and our 2 kids also. Not sure this makes sense how i have typed this but it makes sense to me. Oh an one last thing incase i haven’t said this already. I LOVE U MEEKA AND ALWAYS WILL. xoxoxo. SWOZEL.

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