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April 19: Betty Crocker I ain’t!

on April 19, 2012

Ok. So we’re all fairly familiar with my awesome cooking skills – or lack thereof, right?

Well, at the request of my Caro-Mumma, I attempted to make these:

Looks delicious, yes? I thought so… and so did Caro-Mumma.

Did it work? No. Big Fat NO!

I did the prerequisite freezing of the Creme Eggs and was rather excited at how I was going to be able to make them. New recipe and item to add to the Kakery, come at me bro!

So I’m being all Susie Homemaker in the kitchen and fill up the patty pans with a frozen egg inside them:

You cant even see the egg in them, But I assumed that’s the way it was meant to be, since it’s encased when the cake is cooked.

In to the oven I pop them at the temperature of about 160c (Don’t ask me to convert that to Fahrenheit, ta muchly). They came out looking simply beautiful.

At this point I got really excited because it had appeared that it had worked and above my expectations at that! Dan and I waited for them to cool and decided to test one, because they looked really yummy for quality control.


As you can see, the egg is intact and has made a divot in the cake body, but a hole has formed at the caramel has leaked out. But, It didn’t leak into the cake  and dissipate through it with it’s caramelly goodness. No, it stuck to the bottom of the paper case.

I tasted the whole cake at this point and the chocolate tasted a smidgen burnt, the cake just tasted like chocolate and the caramel was, as you ca see, just on the bottom of the pan (much like the honey at the bottom of a honey joy).

The bottom of the cakes were rock hard but not burnt, and this was the first indication to me that it hadn’t gone according to plan… at all.

I was able to give six of the cupcakes to Caro-Mumma and my skin-and-blisters, (like I said, they tasted ok, and kid’s eat anything if you tell them it’s cake) but I haven’t yet heard the outcome. I hope they don’t hate them too much.

The annoying this is, I am already running out of time. As all choclate fans will tell you, these eggs are only readily available around Easter Time so I don’t know what I am going to do when I exhaust my already depleted stock.

This is the first recipe since starting the blog that has been a complete failure, and I have been researching how to make this work all day! I followed all directions to the letter but it’s still a mystery to me how it didn’t work. I have tried thinking of some ways that are “outside the patty pan” but I can’t see any of them working satisfactorily at all.

I will find out how though, and I will make these to perfection. But, the score is undeniable.

Kloi-Jayd: 2 – Cooking: 1


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