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April 20: May Day Hills Lunatic Asylum: Three years on and I’m still bloody petrified!!!

on April 21, 2012

For my friend Rebecca’s birthday one year we decided to do the midnight ghost tour of the Lunatic Asylum in Beechworth named May Day Hills.

To this day, I am still petrified and I will not ever set foot back on the grounds of what is now La Trobe University. As in no way, never ever, bite my big butt, get lost, stick it up your jumper NEVER.

I know that there are sceptics out there who don’t believe in it, and that’s fine. But this account is what happened to ME on the tour, and it was no cause of imagination.

The photos in this blog were taken on the tour, by Erin Lander and Myself.

The tour is a great tool for history buffs wanting to learn more, or people like myself who didn’t believe and want to experience it.

When the tour started I was spooked by the stories, not by the ghosts. The tour took us through many buildings, and explained an awful and tragical piece of Beechworths history in the mental asylum.

Half way through the first building and on the top floor, I somehow became separated from the 20 or so strong group. I was spinning in circles and had no idea which way to turn. I couldn’t hear anything of the group, except footsteps. Which were behind a closed door. That was boarded up. I shook a little dookie out the bottom of my pants at this stage. Rebecca managed to find me and she heard the footsteps too. She looked at me, I looked at her – and cue two big chicks piss bolting through random rooms trying to find everyone else.

After this section had finished we were lead through the grounds to what was the womens dormitories. These have been left as they were and looking through the windows to see the conditions was horrific – but the claw marks at the wall were terrifying.
This is where our guide told us about the spirit that he always picks up there. I took a photo at the point and was astonished to see a purple orb beside him.

Photo By Me
Purple orb on his left hand side

From this point we moved on into a mess hall and kitchen space – Daniel experienced some weird phenomena but I, thankfully, didn’t.

We were taken across the lot and over the division, through the plantation (yes, I am being deliberately sketchy – I know people who are going on this tour and I don’t feel right giving a minutely detailed summary)  and ended up in the building named the Grevillea.

This is where I came undone. And by Undone, I mean a gibbering ball of screaming mascara in a corner. (Erins husband, Adam, was filming the whole tour. My screaming features heavily apparently!)

Photo Taken By Me
Right hand side window, top left pane. Image of a childs face.


We were forewarned that this the most “active”, in the paranormal sense, building. Ha Ha, I thought. Yeah right. Bullshit.


Photo By Me


I walked in through a patch of air that was as cold as Ice. I couldn’t feel my finger tips. These rooms have again, been left as they were during MayDay Hills’ hey day.

Photo by Erin Lander
No ghosts but still a freaky pic


We were then lead into what was called a “Treatment room” – in other words, a torture cell. This is where they found me in my freaked right out glory. To say I was losing my shit was not an understatement.

After spending half an hour in the grevillea we went back outside to regroup. It was after this we were lead into a great hall where Erin felt a child grab her wrist – only there was no one there.

Photo by Erin Lander
Shape in the right hand side


We spent 20 minutes in this hall and I will admit, I was too busy shaking the poo out of my pants to pay much attention to the story being told. I am led to believe it was very informative though!

Photo by Erin Lander
Zoom in on the face in the beam of light.


After a trip through the underground cells, in which is a wall that conceals something but is not allowed to be removed due to heritage laws, Our three hour tour had come to an end and I was a mess. I didn’t talk the whole way home, I didn’t talk about the tour for weeks after wards, and even writing this now has given me the heebie jeebies and my back porch feels spooky.

I would love to hear from others who have gone on this trip and who want to compare photos and stories – as long as it’s far far far away from that place which I never will ever return to.



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