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April 24: 1D – My sisters version of Hanson.

on April 25, 2012

So people around my age (25) will remember Hanson-Mania and the way it infiltrated every bedroom which contained a teenage girl. They will remember how a day was not complete unless you had sung MMM-Bop or Where’s The Love at the top of your voice. They will know why you just had to kiss your beloved brother goodnight. For me, that was Zac, FYI.

Before there was 1D, Jonas Brothers, Reece Mastin or Justin Bieber, there was Isaac, Taylor and Zac HANSON!!!


I remember having my walls covered in Hanson photos, and I remember falling out of love with them just as quickly as I fell in. Don’t get me wrong, I still know all the lyrics to all their old songs, and will pump along with it when it plays. But I no longer sit in my closed bedroom, singing into my hairbrush and imagining the day when Zac would just notice me and marry me and I would live in a world that was butterflies and rainbows. How he took notice of me I do not know, I think my teenage brain left that piece murky on purpose. Smart Brain!

Sometime in the last 12 months, it seems 1Direction has had a Hanson-like effect on todays teens, and one of my sisters is not exempt from this invasion.

1D, as they are fondly called, did not have their start like Hanson – they seem to have been catapulted to fame due to a TV show in Britain, due to which they gained MASSIVE exposure.  This is also how Reece Mastin got his “Big Break.”

This popped up on the same sisters FB wall today:

What Peanut neglects to mention here is that the concert is for September 19th… 2013. Yes, Twenty Thirteen. I have to admit, that while I was excited for this squealing ball of jelly that was on the verge of sobbing hysterically in to the phone when she told me, I wondered if they would even be around, and popular enough to warrant a visit to Aus in over 14 months time.

Comprised of 5 boys, 1D (one of whom Peanut is going to marry, one of whom my cousin is going to marry, and two of whom Peanut’s friends are going to marry) hail from the UK and Ireland and carry with them the fresh baby faced charm that sends girls screaming. Their Number One hit “What Makes You Beautiful” has been a chart smasher, and I know of plenty adults who can now do the movements to it – thanks to their teenage daughters and the “reapeat” button on YouTube.

I’m finding myself missing the Artists who have stayed around, such as Blink 182, AeroSmith, Metallica, Simple Plan, Led Zepplin etc and so on. The ones who I know my kids will be able to pin point from an opening bar and say, “Hey Mum! This is …” while rocking out hard core like the little non-Hanson-or-1Direction-lovers they will be.

I honestly think the 1D is this generation of teens version of Hanson. And when I said as much to Peanut, she gave me the response of “Who’s Hanson?”. Exactly, my Dear. Exactly.


7 responses to “April 24: 1D – My sisters version of Hanson.

  1. Mum says:

    too funny, and awfully close to the truth me thinks.. xoox

  2. Kloi-Jayd says:

    i reckon. I guess, they will be back for the weddings to the girls, right?

  3. Maggie O'C says:

    My daughter has pictures of these kids in her room, the one on the far right specifically. I think he looks like a girl which is what my mom said about Shaun Cassidy I’m sure. Don’t ask “who” I’m old, I get it. And I believe there has been some fretting at my house about getting tickets for September 2012. That’s what Craigslist is for.

  4. Uncle D says:

    Will she still like them in that time. A year is a long time away and much can happen in between. Maybe she will grow out of it or worse still become obsessed and stalk them when they are here. Knock knock here are the police (A truly great band:-)

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