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April 27: But Woody Needs His Hat!!!

on April 27, 2012

I am one of these people that has a hard time staying intrigued with a movie. Tonight, for the first time since I saw Harry Potter 7.2, I was so involved with a plot line that I found myself yelling at the TV screen. What was the movie?


Toy Story 3.

Talk about a nail biter of a movie. Seriously!!! Yes, I am an adult, and Yes, I have a collection of movies that are rated above G.

Tonight I chose to watch Toy Story 3 because I had never seen it and was told how wonderful it was, and how it was just as good as the first. Turns out, they weren’t kidding!

I laughed, I forgot to breathe, I yelled at the TV when the mean old bear turned Buzz to Demo, and I cried at the end because of grown-up Andy. I was so engrossed in the film that I was astonished when I realised that Dan was asleep – ASLEEP! – in a movie where Woody and Buzz were subjected to such gross treatment. When the bear turned on the toys right at the end of the movie, I may or may not have muttered “You big meanie!” out of sheer crankiness.

This is not the first childs movie that I have enjoyed. Ask any of my friends, and they will tell you that they know when I am really down because I will be snuggled up in bed with my troll-doll berHurt (Who I have had since I was 5 and he has feelings, thank you very much) and my DVD of The Little Mermaid playing.

I can sit and watch kids movies such as Chicken Run, Toy Story, My Little Pony, Care Bears quite happily, and prefer them over “adult” movies such as Blade, Saw, Transporter, so on and so forth. Why? I hear you ask. Well, to me, it just shows my inner awesomeness. And realistically, with four younger siblings, a nephew, two lubblies and a child care certificate, I am able to. I like the simplicity of Good vs Bad without there being any Grey in the middle. The movies just are what they are.

Another favorite kids movie of mine is Shrek – and watching it as an adult is ever so much more enlightening than as a child – remember the scene where Farquaad looks under his blanket? Or when Shrek asks if he is compensating for something? If you don’t, go watch it again. Many double Entendre’s abounds!

This is not to say that I can not watch a movie with above a PG rating. I have many which I enjoy and can watch repeatedly. But the way I was sucked in to TS3 and laughing at the opening scenes shocked me. I expected to like it because, well, it was Toy Story. But I didn’t expect to be so involved that I would forget to breathe during the anticipatory places.

Do you have any kids movies that you loved? Or any that you still watch today?


2 responses to “April 27: But Woody Needs His Hat!!!

  1. Maggie O'C says:

    Have you seen Up? It’s a killer. And Finding Nemo?

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