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April 30: Oh You’re Gay? Would you like to be lynched now, or later?

on April 30, 2012

I am someone who believes that love is just that: Love.

I don’t care if you’re gay, straight, bi, transgender, or purple with pink polka dots – if you can find someone to be happy with, then why should you refrain because of the twisted view of some?

I have several aunts, an uncle, some cousins and many a  great friend who all identify as “Gay” – and one of them was scared to tell me, in case I was upset by their decision to clean out their closet. News Flash! I don’t give a flying rats patootie!

The decision to come clean is not an easy one for any person to make. It involves a lot of heart ache, fear, soul searching and guts. I am one of these people who can appreciate those facts, and will give you the kudos you deserve for admitting to a close minded world that you are “breaking the mold.”

There are several groups now where the GLBT community can recieve support. These groups are an invaluable source for the people who are ridiculed and threatened because of their sexual orientation.

I’ve been told “They choose to  be gay.” Well, when did you choose to be straight? And don’t forget, it’s straight people who are making the (to quote Sweet Mother) Gaybies!

To say that two gay people getting married is desanctifying the sacred tradition is such a stretch that it is impossible to fully grasp. What about the millions of people who have been married 1, 2, 3, 4 times? How is that not desanctifying? Is marrying someone of the same sex going to lead to animal marriages outside of the Jerry Springer show?

When two people make a decision to be married, it means that they are so in love that they cannot imagine their lives without the other person in it. It means they are going to create a home where they can be a family, and yes, possibly raise babies. It means the level of commitment they have extends beyond the realm of ticking “de facto” on the information sheets.

I know plenty of people raised by gay parents – and they are all the most accepting and non-judgemental people I know. I know plenty of people raised by straight parents who so judgemental that I want to pull the stick out of their ass.

I don’t understand how people who love each other can be condemned for that love? But straight people aren’t. Does this means that ones love is invalid compared to the other?

I know that if someone was to say to me “you and Daniel can’t get married, because you’re not in a real relationship and you will be ruining the sanctity of marriage,” I would be fuming! I would be taking names and kicking back sides, I would be doing everything I possibly could because I know it would be wrong.

So why are there so many people out there willing to lynch other people for their sexual preference!? Does it really matter, so long as they’re not forcing it on you? If God wants all his chlidren to be happy and loved, why is there somuch hatred from the religious groups?

Why are we “straighties” allowed to decide what is real, what is worthy, and what is valid, in a relationship that is between two gay people?

Personally, I don’t give a shit what you do, or what sex the person you marry is, as long as you still stay the same. So don’t be turning into any animals or anything, alright?


6 responses to “April 30: Oh You’re Gay? Would you like to be lynched now, or later?

  1. Angbrennil says:

    I have a friend who used to joke all the time about if he & his boyfriend had a child and that child came home at 18 and said ” Dad and dad, I’m straight” and my friend would always laugh and say “OMG where did we go wrong” haha

    But you are so right. Marriage is about 2 people who love each other. If 2 human beings are not allowed to marry just because they are of the same sex then all marriages should be banned.

  2. Kloi-Jayd says:

    hahahah I love that!!! I so cannot wait to tell that one to my gay friend and his boy friend!!!

  3. mum says:

    recieve… REALLY?????

    I loved it, written in your completely egotistical way as usual, smiles and chuckles from me for this one!

    BTW, I am also the one who says “If people are so concerned about the amount of gay’s in the world, perhaps they should stiop the hetero’s from having sex and giving birth to them”


  4. mum says:

    yeh yeh, stiop should just be ‘stop’.. I get it

  5. lmwills1 says:

    Great post!

  6. In my humble opinion, we are all born without gender bias. We are neither gay nor straight, we just ‘are’. It’s the world we live in, with its social expectations, religion and its accompanying judgemental rigidity, and yes our own parents and school system which makes the majority ‘straight’. I believe those of us who have always thought, and who will always continue to “think outside the box” and who dare to question expecations & social rules, with the knowledge in our own hearts, and who continue to be ourselves regardless, who risk the condemnation, who will ultimately change the way the world views sexuality. I believe firmly that we are heading at breakneck speed toward a society in which gender bias and stigma attached to sexuality, are a thing of the past 🙂


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