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May 3: Why being awesome is super hard.

on May 3, 2012

OK – we all know I am just dripping in super-awesomeness, yes?
Tonight’s post talks about how being awesome isn’t always the greatest thing.

I get people telling me I’m awesome for a variety of reasons:

  • you are awesome at pissing me off
  • you’re awesome for helping
  • you could sell snow to an eskimo, you’re that awesome
  • the way you fail to grasp simple maths is awesome
  • the way you manage to offend people without trying is just awesome
  • if you don’t take your awesome self away from me I’m going to kick your awesome ass

In fact, I tell my mother quite freqeuently that her awesomness is only present because of my gestation.

BUT: being awesome is frigging hard!

It’s hard to consistently be the happy and lovely and funny and cheery-uppy friend people always turn to. Of course, you take your awesome self around and you help them, because that is what friends do, regardless of whether or not you are having a day in your pyjamas and a top that may or may not have ice cream and chocolate stains on it. From two days ago.

People tend to not see past the awesome facade, and don’t see that being the happy little Vegemite may be an act. They don’t see that sometimes, you might need them to become “Captain Awesome” and come save you from putting your head in the oven.

I find, it’s hard to keep up with your awesome self. It’s like once you awesome for someone, you always have to be awesome. You make a funny joke at a BBQ and from then on you are expected to be funny. You flash some randoms at a party and you are expected to flash forever.

Being awesome means that sometimes you hide what you’re really feeling to the outside world, and project the awesome exterior so no one sees the cracks behind your face mask. It means that sometimes your bat cave is your sanctuary and you will inject Malaria to whoever comes near your front door secret hideaway entrance.

There are days when I just don’t feel like wearing my  knickers outside of my leggings and my towel cape needs to stay in the linen press along with my sleeping mask that I have cut eye holes out of.

I am lucky in that there are some of my friends who also wear this costume for me when I need it (except they wear their own knickers). I like having some people who know that my awesomeness does sometimes tire me out.

Me and  Batman – we totally have this in common. Except for the whole he is rich and owns a city and can fly and his mask is actually a real one, not made out of a cheap sleep mask that I have hacked to death.

What do you do when your epic awesomeness needs refuelling? I would love some suggestions on how to recharge my “awesome” batteries.

And if you manage to write a post with as many “awesome’s” in it, I won’t give you anything… except maybe an internet high five.


6 responses to “May 3: Why being awesome is super hard.

  1. Jaen Wirefly says:

    The picture is a riot!

  2. mum says:

    you are an awesome doodle head!

  3. O.M.F.G….. Your PROMISED you would NEVER post this photo of me on FACEBOOK or anywhere else on the internet!!! I’m horrified!!

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