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May 4: The duck face

on May 4, 2012

Let’s try Take Two here… I apologise for the delay with this post, wordpress ate my blog!!!

The duck face… It’s a photo pose that is taking over our facebook walls, leaving us wishing we could go duck hunting…

The over-extended pout which is meant to enhance cheek bones and hide chins is far from flattering… unless you’re Megan Fox. But she is exempt from every rule, any way.

I have been deleted from several FB’s for writing “Bang” or “It’s Duck season!” under peoples photos where they are posed as such. Sorry Ladies, but you just cannot beat Daisy. That chick beats all bills!

Urban Dictionary defines Duck Face as:

Similar to pouting. It is to express double the emotion of a pout, so instead of simply jutting out your bottom lip, you push them both out, making you look like a duck.

A sad and tragic epidemic hitting young girls all across myspace and facebook – usually found on girls who think they are flirty.

I have asked some male friends what they think of the duck face.
J – Bang.
T – It makes me want to go hunting.
C – It indicates that she is not ever going to be my girlfriend.

Originally called “the MySpace pose,” the Duck Face began about two years ago. We can thank Snooki for making it an epidemic that has left us all reaching for our fathers  guns and fighting off a huge urge to go hunting. It has even spawned a website that is purely to show how much the Duck Face isn’t appreciated!

The only way that you can make this Duck face look as awesome as you imagine is if you are this puppy:

What are your thoughts on the Duck Face? Do you love it/ hate it/ pose it?


2 responses to “May 4: The duck face

  1. Fionna says:

    Ha, thanks for the read and the laugh. I’ve never heard it called that before, just thought they looked silly!

  2. Even Donald Duck would be disgusted – WTF do people believe they are achieving by doing this? Good looks? LMFAO! What I want to know is WHO decided to look in the mirror, make this face, and simultaneously decide “Omg I look SOOOOO SEXY! I’ma post this to my facebook”?

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