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May 8: why I love Glee

on May 9, 2012

I seem to have developed a bit of a fascination with lists lately. And not just in this blog; but in every day life. I realised this as I was watching Glee and I started jotting down my favorite reasons for the show:

Cory Monteith 

Cue the “Oh My God, get in my pants NOW” thoughts whenever he is on screen. He is definitely my definition of Lady Boner. I have nothing more to say on this delectable actor that isn’t G-rated, so we shall move right along… ‘kay?

Matthew Morrison with no shirt on

Ok, so bad photo of his face, but wonderful look at his chest… and his shoulders… and his muscles… and his V-line… and I will stop right there. I don’t care who you are, there is no way that you couldn’t appreciate this 6ft hunk of yummiful tanned goodness… *slurp*

Making fun of Lea Michele’s over-acting (not jealous at all!)

Sometimes I wonder if her facial expressions are due to a severe need of a colonic irrigation. Nasty, maybe, but every one would have thought it at some stage. Yes, I know, Lea’s over acting is what got her the iconic role of Rachel Berry, but I’m not fussed on that. All I am saying is her facial expression are damn fun to look at when you have had a bad day.

Cory Monteiths version of Jesse’s Girl

I think this version of the classic song was done really well and it is one of my favorites from the whole series. I know some people get cranky at the consistent covers performed by the Glee cast, but you have to admit: Cory rocks this shiz right out!

I also love the way that Glee manages to fix most things (except a trend bucking teenage pregnancy) in their 43 minute window. It means that I can have 43 minutes where I can just chill  with my lady boner and relax. It’s my feel good show.

Quinn’s pregnancy is another reason that I love this show.  [Unwanted] Teen pregnancy is a major issue in most high schools and Glee took this issue and made it into something that was life changing for Quinn but also positive for the childs adoptive parent.

The show as a whole, while filled with wonderful bopping songs, tackles issues that are all relevant to todays society, such as being gay, bullying, striving to achieve, popular vs. dumpster fodder, and the desire that all teens have: To be liked, accepted and wanted.

I know that it is not a popular show among the male set (I have to turn it off once Dan walks in the front door) but I think it is going to be a show similar to the popularity of, for example, 90210. At least until the current actors start showing their age, since they are all in their mid to late twenties (Cory is 29 – much closer to my age, so therefore, more readily available)  and playing teenagers.

In conclusion, I am going to leave you with another pic.



2 responses to “May 8: why I love Glee

  1. Maggie O'C says:

    I can’t wait to tell my daughter that “Lady Boner” has caught on, so to speak! 🙂
    Cory is a babe but he’s dating Lea in real life so he must be stoopid.

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